Mountain High, CA

On November 12, 2010, I arrive to Mountain High with my best friend, Michael. It was my first snowboarding session for this season. I parked, geared up, and got on the lift in under 30 minutes. As I sit on the lift, I took a deep breath. It was that cold, clean winter breeze. I loved it and missed it. I look up at the clear blue skies as I slowly move up the mountain in my chair. It was very peaceful. As soon as I got off the lift, I locked my bindings and went down the upper chisolm route with Michael trailing behind. As soon as the route turned to lower chisolm, I felt the feeling of ecstasy, but better. It was a natural feel. I felt like all my stresses were gone. I couldn’t stop smiling for no reason at all. I wasn’t hitting any jumps or rails at the moment. I was just cruising.

I love Mountain High for many reasons. It has something for everyone’s preference. If you want to go for a long cruise, go on the East Resort. If you want to hit up rails and jumps, go on the West Resort. If you want to go snowtubing like I did when I was little, go on the North Resort. I love the workers there. Very friendly and even have a great sense of humor. Even though they’re working, they still know how to have fun while doing it. Mountain High is a small ski resort if comparing to others out there, but it has the best setup ever. Why drive ALL the way to bear mountain for 2 hours and a half just to hit up rails and jumps when you can drive for half the time and hit better rails/jumps, plus you also get to ride at night. I’m a season pass holder and it’s definitely my favorite thing to buy every year. I feel like I’m ripping Mountain High off every season with it only being 300 bucks. I love how the line to the lift is super short. They even recently added a line only for helmet users which is awesome because of course safety always comes first. I love how it’s so close. That’s probably the main reason why I love it. It’s in Southern California! You got to give credit for a ski resort to manage itself during these warm weathers. Mountain High is where I grew up. It’s where I found what I love to do. I loved it so much that when Youtube barely came out, I uploaded a video that I downloaded from Mountain High putting in the description box “VISIT MTNHIGH BEST PLACE EVERR!!” And now guess how many views it has? 5,000,000 views. That’s right. If you don’t believe me go ahead and just type “Snowboard” in the search bar and it’ll be there. It may seem like I’m advertising them, but this is truly why I love Mountain High.