In the White Mountains of Lincoln, New Hampshire, one can find plenty of outdoor enthusiasts skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and snowmobiling, but what most probably do not expect to see, is ziplining: a daring activity where a person is attached to a line, linked from tree to tree, that they “zip” along with the help of a guide, for fun!

Located on Main Street in Lincoln, Alpine Adventures was the first adventure center in New Hampshire to offer zip lining to New England in 2006 and not only that, but they installed the longest, highest and fastest zip line at that time, and are still at the top of the industry. Now, they have three types of tours to choose from: the Tree-top Canopy Tour, the Sky Rider, and new this summer, Thrillsville.

To start, each person is equipped with the gear necessary to zip line, a well-fitted helmet and harness, and given the rules and the ropes of zip lining. Then the group is lead to a van and driven to the starting point where they are met by more guides and an even more interesting sight: The Pinzgauer Vehicle.

The Pinzgauer was developed in 1971 as a multifunctional, Austrian military vehicle so naturally; it is perfect for climbing the steep inclines and muddy road conditions on the way up to the first zip. Alpine Adventures uses this vehicle for its many other guided tours as well and it provides loads of scary-fun entertainment for everyone who climbs into it.

Once the group has survived the Pinzgauer, they are ready to zip. Two guides clip themselves onto the lines and ride away at lightning fast speeds from the group as the others prep the group for their first ride on a zip line. They are told to hold on tight with one hand to the metal clip to steer and the other to the yellow rope that’s attached to their harness. They are also asked to keep their feet close to their chest like a cannonball. The bravest of the brave offer to go first once the guides on the other side give the signal.

After that, the group, depending on their course, will ride a variety of lengths, steepness, and heights of zip lines throughout their guided tour. The views stretch over miles of New Hampshire scenery. Zip lining is an activity that is fun for people of all ages and can be enjoyed all yearlong, rain or shine.

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