Kirkwood, CA

kirkwood is home to the most snowfall in california, so just for that, you know the place is awesome! im 15, started snowboarding 2 years ago, and got a season pass to kirkwood last year. I would have to say after being to several other mountains, the people and staff at kirkwood are super cool, really nice, and always down to help out a fellow rider. Since i started shredding, kirkwood has been the place that ice improved my riding. They have three different terrain parks which is really awesome because you can start out at the progression park and build your way up to some bigger jumps and rails. The other thing i love about my mountain would deffinatly have to be the back mountain. It has to be one of the most beautiful views after getting off the lift and looking out onto the mountain. The pow at kirkwood is like no other, it has to be one of the best feelings shreddin down the mountain with nothing on your mind but the mountain and your board. Kirkwood is just somewere were i can leave all my other thoughts behind and just enjoy the beautiful nature of the mountain. its kind of hard to describe how much i love kirkwood in words. this place is deffinatley open to new faces, and will always have me coming back. I LOVE KIRKWOOD!!