Loon Mountain, NH

I do not just love my home mountain, I MAKE LOVE TO MY HOME MOUNTAIN. Some times, after fast runs down flume or throwing myself off a booter for the first time in the LMP, I can’t help but feel like I just made love. I decided to become a snowboard instructor there and have been changed forever by my trainers Easy, Running man and Angel-One. Their constructive criticism and Loonatic ways push me and force me to try new things. There is always someone to ride with because EVERYONE is a local and Loon at Noon is a familiar saying. I spent over 100 days on the snow last season at Loon. I Love my home mountain because it has given me the opportunity to become a better rider, help others become better riders and I think that by teaching it actually makes me a professional HA! That might be a long stretch but I do get paid, right? I Love my mountain because I was able to attend a University and still hop in my car after class and get some runs in. I Love the lessons that my hometown mountain teaches me. For example I have learned not to try and one up your students if they are better then you, if they are better then you their form and understanding of board performance still needs work and you should always be able to teach them something, taking a student from not knowing how to strap on a board to a blue trail in three days is pretty humbling, It has taught me patience, persistence, and the ability to step up and get down with my bad self. The relationship I have with Loon can be Love Hate though. At 6 am sometimes I seriously want to break it off. BUT once I am on the chair life on North Peak coming up to greet the sun, I take it all back, and smile at my life. That’s why I Love my home mountain- it makes me appreciate my life and the ability to do what I Love, which is snowboard. I love the powder days, icy days, slushy days, the fluorescent nights when they open little sister park for 3 nights and you can shred under the lights with all the little groms. I Love the bird sanctuary, where you can go feed chickadees from your hand. My home mountain has changed me and given me the power to be a great leader for my students, on and off the mountain. The Gondola rides that turn into music sessions, sleeping sessions, stok sessions, and whatever other sessions you can think of! This place, Loon Mountain, holds a lot of wisdom and I LOVE IT! It has given me the chance to ride in all conditions and hang out with awesome people. I can’t wait for winter 2012 so I can shred my love all over it!!!!!!!