Sugar Bowl, CA

I love my home mtn Sugar Bowl because it always delivers a good day and makes me a better skier. The terrain in bounds, natural airs, mini AK spines in Palisades, open bowls to shred, deep pow tree skiing or buffed groomers with flowing terrain to arc and feel like a hero gives me all the options to make every day the best day of the year. Topping it off, the open boundary access to terrain on Donner Summit is unmatched in Tahoe. True adventure skiing back country lines with easy access in and out. Sugar Bowl doesn’t have the hype of other mtns so it’s really laid back and the lift lines are minimal on the best days. This pays off when I don’t have a lot of time to ski. I can go up to the Bowl for 2 hrs and torch myself on the quick turn around. This winter was unreal. We had a December that will go down as the best ever for me. It’s been so good this winter that I skied into June off Sugar Bowl. The mtn was closed, but a little hiking to the runs I’ve got to know on the mtn delivered some of the best skiing of the year. Thanks to Sugar Bowl for staying true to the core skier.