Sugar Bowl, CA

I love Sugar Bowl because I am learning to ski powder on its fantastic slopes! My husband and I can always count on the snowfall during a storm to pile up and be just perfect for beginners to expert skiers. The runs off the Jerome ridge are just the right length for a beginner. I couldn’t get into too much trouble since the ridge and the basic runs were groomed and it was a short powder journey off each ridge run. I worked my way up from four inches to twelve inches over the season. I love the six to eight inch level but have challenged myself to the higher levels off the Judah runs sometimes going through the trees slowly. One time off the Judah run, I followed my husband’s friend through the trees for the first time. Thank goodness my husband was behind to pick up the pieces. They are both experts having skied for years, whereas, I started skiing in earnest only last year. There was a four foot dip going down and then up about a six foot hill covered in a foot of soft, fresh powder. Well, since I’m still learning to get the best balance and I’d never been in this type of situation, I fell over backwards. I had a heck of a time getting to my feet since I was sliding backwards down the six foot slope, head first, with both skis still on. The two guys had a good laugh at my expense. Most of the powder days I skied were during a storm. I love skiing in storms unless the wind makes the lifts swing dangerously or it’s foggy and you can’t see two feet in front of you. The storms are so absolutely beautiful to me. It is lovely to watch the snow falling as you glide gently and quietly through the runs with the snow-covered, evergreen trees marking your way. I’ve learned in white-out conditions to hug the trees so I can clearly keep myself on the run and not get into trouble. Sugar Bowl has the most beautiful views during a storm. I feel like it is my mountain. I’m so comfortable here. My goal this season was to improve my skiing to the extent that I could ski the groomed Donner Way and East Face. They both were a tremendous challenge in my mind. In December, I was able to conquer Donner Way and in March I was able to conquer the East Face. I was amazed. My husband told me I actually skied them, when I thought I had just been able to get down without falling. I was slow, but I did it! Now Donner Way is my preferred way off of Jerome. The East Face I ski only in groomed snow conditions. But my special Sugar Bowl condition is powder! I can’t wait for my third season to start!