The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead, UK

Every heard of a town called Hemel? Just north…ish of London, still not? How about Buncefield Oil Depot? If not, it’s not a spectacular town in all fairness, but it’s where I call home and have my own mountain.
The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead is the most recent and up to date indoor UK Fridge. Only open for 2 years so far but yet making a name for itself over the UK and home to many existing and potential rippers and shredders yet to storm out onto the UK Scene.
This was the reason for me to start snowboarding. The opening day couldn’t come soon enough after signing up for membership before the place was opened. Completing my board in a day course going up to recreational standard was amazing and I couldn’t get enough. Signing up for many freestyle courses improved my confidence and ability and still all at out little home mountain.
2 years on since making the life changing decision to learn to board and still going strong. The people at the slope are amazing, my weekly trips (at least once a week), are to the Friday freestyle evening. Such a bunch of sick riders and all abilities but with all the same idea….to have as much fun as possible and throw themselves at the massive indoor kickers that The Snow Centre and DWA (local diggers) can produced and the extensive and imaginative park layouts to progress on and throw down new tricks every week. The layout changes every week and with such creative minds behind park designs it managed to be voted best indoor parks in the FOTP 2011 voting, which I can agree on. It may not be like Northstar, Breckenridge or the Vans Penken Park in Mayrhofen, but for a small little town it’s amazing and couldn’t live without it.
I’ve met some amazing people and new friends from this mountain and has encouraged me to travel a lot more and to enjoy the winter and cold weather that England has an unlimited supply of.
If I could some it up I would say that The Snow Centre/Snowboarding has ruined my life……Why do I say that though when I love it so much? Before The Snow Centre opened I had plans to finish studying, land myself in a well-paid job maybe working for a large IT Firm in London, but since my home mountain opened, my plans have been ruined and now all I want to do is snowboard. Money and luxuries don’t seem to matter, cruising on the snow with my snowboard listening to music having a good time with mates is what I’d rather be doing and it’s all thanks to my Hearty home mountain in Hemel Hempstead.