Folkestone Ski Slope, UK

Hi, My names Ben and I live on the south east coast in england which is a lovely place and brilliant for surfing, it is also in my opinion home to one of the best skateparks in england (revolution skatepark), the downfall about living here is that I live miles away from a dry slope or dome, but this didnt stop me from starting snowboarding..The closest one to me is folkestone slope (dendix) which after alot of nagging and pesterin, I finally convinced my parents to take me to a lesson. After the lesson, I got the bug for snowboarding and wanted to get my first board, I saved up for a long time to get my first ever board which I bought off of ebay for £90 (nitro eero am 142 and solomon c force bindings). Recently I have just finished my lessons and didnt need them anymore, and according to my instructor I had alot of potential and was proggressing extremely fast. After finishing lessons I wanted to go for a open practice, and while I was going down the slope, I got abit cocky and went straight ahead down slope, I tried to kick my tail out to slow down but my edge got caught and I slammed!!…This resulted in a broken finger and a concussed head..and all of this just for not wearing a helmet or gloves, I would of worn a helmet and gloves if I had one them…But regardless to that, fokestone dry slope is a good slope and brilliant for begginer to intermediate riders and would recommend it to anyone, but most importently, its runned by the nicest set people you could ever meet. There not in it to rip people off, there in it to give people like me a chance to start snowboarding. I will be heading out to chatham slope in a week or so, and I will be amazed if I can find a nicer group of poeple than the folkestone lot. 🙂