Mountain High, CA

The best day of my life was when i was 11 years old and i went to mountain high for the first time ever on january 15, 2010. I was riding at mt baldy before that so i didnt really ride on the jibs or get some sick jump lines. The second of walking out of the parking lot and walking right in front of the lodge was the best second ever. I looked to my right and mikey radziwon was hitting a rail in the plaground and the music was so loud and so great. It felt like some kind of rich kid party!. the great smell of cat exhaust filled the air while i was walking by the homies. Riding up the quad chairlift was sick! My first run was boarderline. I hit my first box that run and it was the best mountain ever!!!!!! Now ever since i have been riding at mountain high. and i cant wait for next year!