The “Why I Love My Home Mountain” Contest is finally over and went better than we ever could have imagined! A ton of you submitted entries repping your home mountain and telling everyone why it’s the place to be. After days of reading and tallying the votes, it’s time to announce the winners. Drumroll please…

1st prize– Oliver Kane- My Home Mountain, My Heaven

Winner of a Contour GPS Camera, Dakine Baker Backpack, Dakine Fillmore Gloves, Red Protection Helmet, and Anon Goggles

2nd prize– Trevor McDonald- How Could You Not LOVE Bromley?

Winner of a Dakine Baker Backpack and a Red Protection Helmet

3rd prize–Skyler Clark- Best Mountain Ever!!

Winner of a Red Protection Helmet

Thanks to our partners, everyone who wrote in, and a special congrats to our winners! Stay on the lookout for more great contests from SASS Global Travel.

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