So Session 1 is in full swing right now, and after all the travel, the first group of clients have bee rewarded with some amazing conditions.  While the bottom of the resort still needs to be filled in, the top half is in great shape, with the groups shredding boot to knee deep pow without another soul in sight in many of Catedral’s sidecountry zones.  Winter in on in Bariloche!  Our staff photographer Ben Girardi has been keeping a daily photo journal of the trip on his blog,; here’s a few gems to share from Session 1:

Head Guide Skylar Holgate leads the avalanche awareness seminar at dinner the first night.

Coach Scott “Storch” Kuchinski with the textbook bottom turn off the frontside of Laguna.  Bloooooom!!

A pretty common view out the window this week…

Coach Nicki Slechta hiking towards Laguna.

And our old friends the condors.  Enormous birds with 6 foot+ wingspans; about three were circling over us as Chris Coulter’s crew dropped into the zone you see Scott crushing above.  Incredible seeing these animals up close and always means there’s snow on the way – they make sure to get their hunting in before the storm hits.

Silverton guide and Argentina coach Pete Connolly hikes the ridge.  Clients are up crushing the pow that has been falling non-stop for 24 hours.  Lifts are spinning and with no wind, should be an amazing day!  Stay tuned for more…