The Dominican Surfing Federation (FEDOSURF) will assist the group the Waves of Health, a nonprofit organization founded by surfing physicians dedicated to supporting community health in underserved regions around the world, in providing free medical care to the communities of Dajabón and Cabarete, Dominican Republic October 29 – November 4, 2011.

The Waves of Health was founded in 2007 by American physicians and began providing modern medical services to underprivileged communities in the Dominican Republic by bringing full medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical services to the Country. The group completes bi-yearly missions, and on average treats approximately twelve hundred patients per trip, with the goal of treating 2,000 patients on this mission. This is the first mission for the town of Cabarete on the North Coast and plans are in development for future missions on the South coast of the Island.

Waves of Health has a focus on surfers’ health and sports medicine, and shares goals with the Surfers’ Medical Association (SMA) and other surf related nonprofit organizations. The group contributes medical support to athletes and spectators during professional surfing events, such as the recent Quiksilver Pro in New York and Volcom Pipeline Pro in Hawaii. FEDOSURF is grateful for the tremendous contribution that Waves of Health has provided to the Dominican Republic, and is committed to working together with them in solidarity for ongoing and future missions.

FEDOSURF athletes will attend both missions in Dajabon and Cabarete as volunteers, assisting as needed. Jesmarín Puente, National Director of Fedosurf worked closely with members of Waves of Health in the coordination and planning of this first medical mission in the village of Islabon in Cabarete. Councilor Claritza Ruiz and the neighborhood union were instrumental in facilitating the logistics of the mission, with approval of the Mayor Mr. Gabriel Canoa Mora. Waves of Health will provide free medical service to an estimated 100 hundred patients in Islabon, with plans to return for a larger-scale mission within a year.

In Dajabon, The Waves of Health will continue a regional study of diabetes, and with the help of local Peace Corp volunteers, discuss cholera prevention, recognition and treatment. The Waves of Health will continue to deliver outstanding medical care with team members specializing in cardiology, infectious and tropical diseases, pulmonology, rheumatology, emergency and general medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, oncology, and radiology. They will continue to offer free medications for every patient seen and will continue their support for regional nursing homes.

The LIG Global Foundation is the new surgical arm of Waves of Health, delivering humanitarian relief to people in great need around the world by bringing together dedicated medical and non-medical volunteers, supplies and technology. LIG Global will base operations out of the Hospital Principal in Dajabon, with 200 planned surgeries in 4 days. LIG will be performing a wide range of surgical interventions with capabilities for both local and general anesthesia, assisted by local staff and physicians. They will serve the local population by offering procedures in plastic and reconstructive surgeries, obstetrics and gynecology surgeries, and general and abdominal surgeries. Pre-operative evaluations for potential patients will begin on Sunday morning, October 30th, at the Hospital Principal in Dajabon. They will also be identifying potential candidates for operations when the group returns to the DR in the Spring of 2012.

For more information regarding the Waves of Health or LIG Global, please visit their website at or If you or someone you know may benefit from the wide range of services offered by the Waves of Health or LIG Global, please contact Dr. Jeremy Pinyard,

The Dominican Surfing Federation (FEDOSURF) is the National Governing Body of surfing in the Dominican Republic, and is recognized by the Dominican Olympic Committee, the Ministry of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation, The International Surfing Association (ISA) and the Pan American Surfing Association (PASA). It is a non-profit entity, whose main goal is to support and advance the sport of surfing and high-performance athletes in the Dominican Republic.