Chris Coulter has been dominating in every aspect of everything since he was forged out of an untold element, deep from within a secret mountain of fire and magic. If you have ever ridden with or seen Chris ride you know that he takes the gnarliest lines and does the sickest tricks in the middle of his runs. Chris has no fear factor and will go bigger then anyone. His emotions are firmly snitched on his sleeves, which is great for the rest of us because he is one of the most fun people you can ever hang out with. SGT is seriously stoked to have Chris back as a guide/coach for his fourth season as camp badass. Coulter can literally kill a man with his legs as if it were an 60-degree first descent in Alaskan.

How SGT scored Coulter:

I first visited Bariloche in 2007 with friends Shane, Forrest & MFM who were looking to do some filming. SGT was facilitating our trip, it was a huge winter that year.  I quickly became fond of Cerro Catedral and the surrounding mountains. After the film crew took off I stuck around and hung at SGT as a camper riding with the groups and getting to see how the program works.  In 2008 I returned with the Vans team and we had a great time hanging at the SGT compound in Bariloche. We capped off that trip by having one of SGT core employees Skylar Holgate take us up to Las Lenas and blow our minds.  The Following season I knew that I wanted to be in Argentina for as long as possible.

Laguna overlook, yep Chris killed every line

I contacted Travis and Skylar hoping that I had made a good enough impression on them.  I wanted to work with the SGT Team.  They got me on board and it’s been a great ride. there is no better staff to work with; they are knowledgeable and friendly people to say the least. I love what we do and look forward to riding the Andes with SGT campers, staff, boarders, skiers and all the other peeps every season.  We always get a few of the best rides of our lives every season down in Argentina.