Michelle Parker enters her 5th year as an SGT coach in Argentina. Not much can be said about Michelle that has not been said about an avalanche — she rips down mountains with the force of mother nature and leaves everything in her path destroyed. Michelle Parker, she really is a big deal.

Michelle’s story:

When I was 18 I traveled through South America with Garrett Russell. We explored most of the well known ski resorts in Chile and Argentina and met some incredible people along the way, one of those being Skylar Holgate. After hiking and skiing with Skylar in Las Lenas, I knew that I was hooked. Not only was I hooked on skiing in South America, but I was pretty much hooked on everything else related to skiing and culture and South America.

Coming home from that trip was one of the first times I ever remember longing to go back as soon as possible. I couldn’t put my finger on it because there were so many reasons why I wanted to go back, but I knew I needed to find a way to spend my summers in South America. A couple of years later, I called Garrett to see if there would be any possibility of me getting a coaching job with SGT, where he had worked as a coach since I went on that trip with him. He, thankfully, brought it up with SGT family and they invited me down for the summer.

Ms. Parker all up in the trees

As I packed my bags, I had this feeling that I was getting myself into something completely unknown to me. Upon my arrival, I felt like a camper. I knew only two members of the staff, Skylar and Garrett. The rest of the staff quickly became a sort of second family to me. That relationship extended to the clients as well. Four summers later, I still feel like a camper when I arrive in Argentina. I believe this feeling remains because I have so much fun skiing and living with SGT. Exploring new terrain, learning, progressing, and skiing some of the most fun terrain in the world is what Argentina with SGT is all about. The food, culture, people, and experiences are why I love SGT. I know I will always have the feeling of longing for Argentina.