Ben Girardi is the Head Photographer for SGT Argentina. Girardi has put in his time with the SGT family down in Bariloche. No one can really say when Ben started coming down to camp, but it has been at least 7-years. Ben has shot photos for more ski and snowboard teams then you can backside 7 over. Ben has published photos in many industry publication.

Ben G. is soft spoken, honest and a very smart human being. But, do not think because he is quiet that his photos are. Ben sets the tone for the artistic vision of SGT’s photos in the Andes. His larger then life images of riding, lifestyle, and the beautiful backdrop of Patagonia give SGT an visual identity. When it comes to shredding Ben knows his way off of a cliff and up a kicker. The only real question left for our media team is: who has a better cab 7 with a 50-pound camera bag on, Ben G. or Jon Conway (head video artist).

SGT presents the Ben G story . . .

I first met Travis Moore at Loon Mountain, NH when I was fifteen. At the time the Argentina program was still in its infancy. He showed me photos and videos from the previous year and informed me about the camp. The idea of being able to ride powder in the Andes in the summer seemed like the best thing in the world. Although I was nervous about traveling that far I knew this was something I wanted to do. This was the opportunity of a lifetime. Through mowing lawns, working at a local store and splitting the cost of the flight with my parents, I was able to save enough money to make this trip.

My time in Las Lenas was totally different then anything I had ever experienced, the mountains were higher, the riding was more extreme, and the culture was very different. Whenever I wasn’t riding, I was shooting everything from riding to the local culture to the picturesque landscape. By the time I made it home at the end of my trip I had already decided that I wanted to go back the following year. I made the trip back to Argentina as a camper the next year and shot even more then before.
Upon showing my photographs to Luke and Travis, and expressing interest in wanting to shoot for the camp, we were able to arrange an internship the following summer where I worked with Ashley Barker (camp photographer at the time). I spent all my time learning and shooting, happy with the situation I was in. Pleased by the work I produced SGT offered me a position as the camp photographer. This offer allowed me to keep heading back to Argentina, and dedicate my summer to being in the mountains shooting, a dream come true. Each year when the season ends in North America, I look forward to traveling to Argentina, riding deep snow in the Andes Mountains, and working with a highly skilled team of people who have become a second family, the SGT Family.