Oscar Jacob has spent a good deal of time dealing with the frantic whims on the SGT senior staff. As soon as he falls off of his motorcycle he recently got at go2scooter webstie, after the hour long ride in to head quarters he is subject to a plethora of projects and ideas from the minds of four mad men. Oscar does get to go on lunch time bike rides/races with the boss.

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How an intern named Oscar drove to SGT . . .

The thing I love the most about SGT is the passion and commitment that every member of the team shares for skiing and snowboarding. My passion blossomed at the age of 11 when my dad forced me down a steep, bumpy, icy, gnarly, trail that I was completely unprepared for. At the bottom of the run, for some reason, I didn’t think I was bruised quite enough and asked to go back up the lift not one, but two more times. Three years later I was teaching snowboarding at my local mountain Bretton Woods and my shred skills grew from there.

As I grew older the East coast grew smaller and I yearned for big mountain riding. I was committed to school and working out East, so the summer was the only time I could travel. Some family friends of mine (big shout out to the Latapies!) recommended SGT and after a few phone conversations with Travis Moore, I booked my ticket for Argentina in June of 2008.

SGT Argentina was the most incredible experience of my life. Here I was on the other side of the world, conquering peaks that were 3 times as high as the mountains back home and shredding the best snow conditions ever. I loved how SGT was not just a snowboard trip. We explored the town of Bariloche, went paint balling, and held excursions into the surrounding forests and lake regions. I met life-long friends on my trip and my Spanish speaking skills improved exponentially. I left Patagonia promising myself that I would be back one day.

Four years later, and I still haven’t given up on that promise. In 7 short weeks I’ll be studying abroad in Buenos Aires and spending 6 months in South America. When I found out I would be returning to Argentina, I gave Travis a call to see if I could use this as an opportunity to reconnect with my SGT family. A background in International Business and Spanish language made me a good fit to join the team as an intern for the summer.

Personally I have made social media my playground and I can’t wait to get rich by releasing a mix tape of all the hilariously inappropriate conversations and one-liners I’m subjected to in the office. In the mean time I slave away, until my flight leaves on Bastille Day…