With love and appreciation to all of the past women and men that traveled down to Argentina in the name of SGT and  adventurous shredding and found the path through the woods to incredible amount of joy, the 2012 SGT staff is the best yet. This week coach Tony Pavlantos put on his eco-friendly big-boy pants on and gave his immense heart and time to every client that crossed his periphery. For that we say THANK YOU TONY!


As SGT we are truly an experience. We offer everything from international travel, different languages, diverse cultural, huge mountains, expert guides and world-class coaches. To be able to maintain a successful and safe experience it is imperative that our client take their experience home with them to their local mountains and backcountry. Every client gains significant knowledge and skills found at no other guided service, camp or coaching program. All of our clients learn safety and skill sets to vastly improve their skiing and snowboarding capability. For those who choose to take an advanced view of skiing and snowboarding there are additional opportunities to gain advance skills through Awesome University.

Here at SGT Argentina it is easy to forget how amazing things are in Patagonia. The lucky few of us that are able to live and share experiences as staff members can become accustom to blower powder and adventurous people. When we are reminded that the sacrifice we have all made to be here are so powerful to our clients (and new SGT family members) it is seriously uncontentious joy. Below is a e-mail just sent to the SGT offices by a client that made us feel so good we wanted to share it, as our new friend Chris summarize a session in Argentina much better then I can.

A e-mail sent to SGT on August 2, 2012:

To SGT Staff,

We made it [Home] a few hours ago (sadly), and I just wanted to tell you that you guys have the best ski & snowboard experience ever. SGT is such an amazing family. It feels like if it were home, or even better. Involving every free soul into the most deliberating and endless art of snow riding. Awesomeness itself. I’d like to congratulate you and your people for creating the best camp on the planet, and for being able to run such a unique and incredible family that SGT consists of. Your staff and crew are part of the best people I’ve ever met, and such amazing human beings. Thank you so much; my words wouldn’t be enough to thank you, and do not hesitate in coming to visit me in my home!  We’ll be in touch and I’ll be there next summer no doubt about it! Take care!
Best regards.
(2012 session 1 client and new friend)