Here it is, August 12th, and I’m getting face shots one after the other in a raging Patagonian storm.  With all of the Argentines sticking to the main runs, there were fresh tracks to be had from first chair to last call.  We rallied from one side of the mountain to the other, and as we moved the turns got deeper.  Almost everywhere on the mountain held the goods all day long.

The snow is falling lightly at the base now, and if it clears up tomorrow, we’ll get up into the backcountry.  If the snow sticks around, we have another day of shredding trees and on the resort.  Either way, I think we’re in for an amazing day.  The forecast for the week is promising an abundance of new snow, but even if it’s incorrect, there are days of incredible shredding to be had in the areas around Cerro Catedral.  Sun or snow, we’ve got it made.  If you’re North American summer is too much to handle, or your face has become hot with the lack of face shots, come down to Argentina with SGT and shred some serious pow!

Words: Dustin Eldridge
Photos: Thomas Tikos