As the path to and from Catedral resort draws the same basic route with the same cast of irregulars a sense of monotony can set in. Eyes focus on the man who stands post at an unnecessary car entrance, the groups of groups ignoring basic considerations of their fellow snow bird, or the Saint Bernard that pulls around a publicity seeking entrepreneur. In the greyscale of tradition something new is always abundant. The position of the tables are set in front of Tage, the renewed brightness in smiles of the snow seekers, the newly shaped landscape each day brings. Experiences are determined by how deeply you gaze.

At initial assessment Argentina appears to be a contradiction. The people have no impotence for prompt arrivals or need to keep appointments, yet they rush to lines and push for the front. Non-consideration for people is king as the faceless mob mentality dominates the streets and public squares, however individual relationships are personal, genuine and sincere.

In Argentina you become accustom to the differences. Letting go the necessity to be one the Americans. There is no need for televisions and phones at dinner. Forget your clock and do not check the time. Because it is always the same time at SGT, “The time of your life”. These seemingly small changes give way to life, people and adventure .

Notice the differences and appreciate the world. The long music-less journeys to the zone. The unreal views of transcendence through the peaks and volcanos. The laughter of new friends and enough powder to have you spitting it out of your mouth with every turn.

Make the most out of your life and stop talking, stop assuming power, stop trying to fix what is different. Start listening, learning and enjoying.

Words & Photos Dr. Crockett