Thomas Tikos-Kadji has been coming down to SGT for more years then snow has been falling in the Andes. Affectionately know as the “gypsy” he laughs his way through the summer having more fun then most and sleeping less then all. Tikos was originally a client of SGT and has worked extremely hard to move up the ranks and earn a spot on staff as a photographer.

In his first year as a staff photographer the gyspy showed his talents and made no excuses. He awoke in the morning with an awkward soberish look of confusion and excitement. Dragging his life to breakfast forcing down as many medialunes as he could and then jumping directly into his boots (which are older then him and have the support of a fake chuck taylor) ready for the day.

Once suited and booted Tikos points his unique eye at the mountain and the people around him. Helping to capture the breath taking landscape of Patagonia and the amazing riding of SGT staff and clients. His skills are not up for debate and his lifestyle portraits are something he has clearly spent time practicing in the studio.

Here’s to you Tikos, thank you for being you and the following:

  • Having the smelliest boots in Argentina
  • Not letting society tell you how often you should shower
  • Getting over 2,000 likes on instagram for one photo in 24-hours
  • Eating Milanese sandwiches everyday
  • Doing bare chested push-ups for no reason
  • laughing all the time (it’s just a joke man, relax)
  • Not being afraid to party with everybody, all the time
  • Being quieter then Girardi when you come home @ 4:00 am
  • Shredding hard when you had the chance
  • Taking great photos everyday

Check out a little of Thomas Tikos-Kadji’s work and look for more images form him all over everything SGT and beyond


Scribbles by: Dr. Crockett
Images by: Thomas Tikos-Kadji