Nitro dropped a new edit/video today about having fun on your snowboard. Now the boys at Nitro are no dummies. They understand the reason you own a snowboard company is because snowboarding is fun. Riding fresh lines, laughing with friends, and figuring out life’s little problems as you hike, is the magic elixir we all crave. Bringing that feeling of fun to the masses is how you sell the lifestyle and your brand. We at SGT dig that for sure. The video itself is just pure goodness baked up and served warm. Watch it below.

Upon completion of the edit/video or after watching a couple of face shots, depending on your attention span. One tends to reminisce on their best days of shredding. Most of mine are in Argentina, but it is lame to salute the company flag with every breath. Instead I choose to drift off thinking of a powder day at Blue Sky Basin in the Vail back bowls.  Snow dumping, myself and my crew hungry to get to our secret pow stashes.

We are ready to drop off of the back when we get a call for a photographer asking us to wait up because he has a friend with him that needs a little guiding. Deep breathes and looks of impatience ensue, but we agree. Ten minutes later the other crew slides off of the chair lift and introductions occur. One of the three approaches slowly and says “Hi my name is Kazu, is it cool if I ride with you?’ Seriously, it is really Kazu Kokubo and yes he can ride with us. The rest off the day was powder turns, cliff drops, tomahawks and agape mouths as we laughed our way around Vail. As we headed down for a slice in the village at the end of the day, I could not stop smiling because no one else had any idea how good my day was.