This is Dr. Crockett’s interview hour
Where based on the subject’s intelligence, they are asked a series of questions and then scored on how deeply they searched their soul for the proper answers.

Today’s subject is Pete Connolly. Pete is a guide at SGT Argentina and Silverton Mountain, CO. Pete’s own company Solid Citizen Design handles all of SGT’s graphic design making him the only person on staff that gets to tell Dr. Crockett he is an idiot. Pete is an easy going, tall drink of water from the East coast that snuck into the SGT Family a few years back with a vast skill set and a tireless work ethic. Pete enjoy’s thoughtful conversions, design, music and medium to short brunette ladies.
Mr. Connolly’s questions are:

View on living in a mountain town?
Wouldn’t live anywhere else. Access to the backcountry without competition is the key. Hence my Silverton residence. Attractive girls can’t be the reason for every decision you make.

Describe SGT Argentina Lodge in one story (not featuring Crockett)?
What happens in the lodge stays in the lodge.

Best x-mas/Kwanza present ever received?
20 pairs of ski socks. There is no such thing as enough ski socks.

Where do you see skiing/snowboarding evolving?
Time will tell. My only hope is that there is further unification between skiing and snowboarding. I am so sick of the unnecessary rift between the two. Old skiers, shut the fuck up. Young snowboarders, who gives a fuck.

Rider of the year:
Anyone that truly fell in love with this sport of ours for the first time. I’m talking that real love though. More that love that makes you push until your heart can’t take it, that love that makes all stress melt away, that love that helps you endure the pain, that love that consumes you and opens your eyes and makes you laugh uncontrollably. Not so much that love that is all, “oh, you’re a skier? Me too… I LOVE skiing… I get out every once in a while… no, I don’t own a beacon… what’s a DIN setting?.. you mean I’m not supposed to carry these with the tips facing behind me?.. do you like spring corn or powder better?.. really, I like corn better…  why are you walking away?”

Video of the year:
Don’t watch many videos due to the fact that they make me insanely jealous to the point of frustration. But just watched Xavier’s White Noise and I dig the particular way he looks at riding and the mountains.

Hottest chick in Snowboarding/Skiing?
Nicki Slechta (damn, that girls has a nice butt)

Dude you want to spend a couple of nights in a tent with?
I’ll sleep next to any dude in a tent as long as it is in Alaska.

Best trend in shredding?
The decreasing rift between skiers and snowboarders.

Last time you crapped your pants?
Less recently than Jon Conway.

Is Travis Moore a kook?
A kook? Not sure. He is one of a kind, that’s for sure. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.

Marriage, when is that going to happen?
Seeing as my addiction to skiing has been the end to every recent relationship… not any time soon.

What type of facial hair should Garrett Russell grow next?
He’s been rocking’ that stache for so long it has become a part of him and I wouldn’t change a damn thing about the Garrett Russell I know.

Do you feel like a failure because do not know how the “fiscal cliff” will effect the resale value of your properties?
You think I have enough money for a property, let alone multiple properties?

Any advice for the kiddies?
You can make plenty of money doing what you love as long as you commit. Once you do, everyone will tell you how ‘lucky’ you are. Fuck that. You made it happen. Luck had nothing to do with it.

How often do you fall?
A lady never tells.

State the best of the following:
Method (just wish there was a straight air grab on skis that looked even moderately as awesome as that shit does on a snowboard)

Anything smooth off of anything natural

Traffic (listen to low spark of high heeled boys and try to tell me otherwise)

Physically couldn’t care any less (but I will take this opportunity to point out that it is in fact, “couldn’t care less,” not “could care less.” If I “could care less” there would be room for less care, whereas if “I couldn’t care less” then I am devoid of care entirely.)

Long Trail Ale (holding onto those east-coast roots)

SGT Legend
Jay Ragazino (J-Rags)



Country (there is a right answer)
The United States of America. Not even moderately kidding. Not saying there aren’t some changes I would like to make, but I have been many places and very much choose to live right here where I have the freedom to be poor as hell and still enjoy every second.

Hair Color
brunette (preferably between 5’1″ and 5’4″)

Do your parents hate your snowboard friends?
My parents are the reason I have skier/snowboard friends. They are the ones that fueled this fire, not my fault.

Biggest cliff you have dropped?
Doesn’t matter how big it is. Its all about style and flow.

Claim your best friend:
Sumner Dickenson Widdoes. Whitest name ever, no idea what to do with snow, but a damn good guy nonetheless.

Better movie Top Gun or Art of Flight?
Top Gun. No question. Art of Flight should have been about 15 minutes. Max.

Are the Red Bull contests legit? Who is going to win in 2013 and why?
Red Bull contests couldn’t be more legit. Its one of the only companies pumping money into this industry in the right way. Letting their athletes set the stage and create the atmosphere is helping to propel the industry and push the limits of what we see as possible.

Lucas Moore, great or greatest ever?
I’m going to go with… all right?.

How many nicknames do you have? Please list them and how you got them?
Sneaky-Pete (Travis Moore, due to my ability to show up out of nowhere and work my way into the job I wanted without anyone noticing)

Pedro (good for radio traffic)

Solid Citizen (Rick Means, due to how physically difficult it was to lift me as a child.)

Last time you were in jail? Why?
19 years old. Thought the justice system would be just and that the judge would be a rational person to whom I could explain the absurdity of the situation. I was just a bit naive to say the least.

Best way to pick up a chick hanging out in front of Tage?
Lean more forward, be more confident, be more aggressive.

What is your greatest accomplishment in life
Getting to where I am today… Multiple jobs doing multiple things that I love while still having the time to push that love even further.

Any advice on how to hook up free drinks at Mute?
Fuck Mute. CHIMANGO’S 2013.

If T-Rice rules big mountain and Terje is the legend of legends then how many miles do you have to ride on your bike to be a man?
No idea how many miles of bike-riding, but you would certainly have to put up some serious vertical in order to compete with those two.


Final Score and Rating:

I thank Sneaky for his candor and honesty. In grading Pete I had to explore my soul and react to the knowledge that he maybe better looking then me. After a long look in the mirror and renewed self confidence, I believe that Pete has it. It being height. He is tall and that is his most striking feature. He towers over others imposing his superior high-angle optical skills while simultaneously brandishing his opinions of the world unapologetically.  In the end Pete is a worth adversary and someone to take seriously. With that in mind – 38 Points have been awarded to Pete Connolly.