This is Dr. Crockett’s interview hour
Where based on the subject’s intelligence they are asked a serious of questions and then scored on how deeply they search their soul for the answer.

Today’s subject is Andrew Burns. Andrew is one of the talented coaches at SGT Argentina and in his spare time he snowboarders professionally. Ol’ Burnsy claims to be a real Canadian, even though he is part AMERICAN (The good part). He status at the top of  the medical miracle charts is unquestioned. This kid (well he is old, but younger than Dr. C, so that makes him kid) has been through more crap then a toilet in a Wisconsin truck stop, yet he brings it ever day and any night you want. Burns and his meat flavored breath have a way of challenging Dr. Crockett on almost everything. But now he is in the chair of honesty and must yield to the most suffificanted mental barrage of craium cracking questions ever posed.
Mr. Burns’ questions are:


View on rocker vs. camber vs. mustache boards?
I like camber with a little rocker at the nose and tail. So there.

Describe SGT Argentina Lodge in one story (not featuring Crockett)?

Wake up, shred, pow, epic, après, pool, dinner, Jacksons, fernet, and repeat. The details are unimportant, everything is pretty rad to the max after you wake up.

Bets x-mas/Kwanza present ever received?
Lift pass one year when I was super hurting. That was top notch.

Where do see snowboarding evolving to?
Wherever people want to take it, whatever they want to do with it

Vote on the following:
  1. Rider of the year
    Mikey Rencz
  2. Video of the year
    DOPE 3
  3. Hottest chick in Snowboarding/Skiing?
    There’s a lot of them.
  4. Dude you want to spend a couple of nights in a tent with?
    I don’t, plus I live in a trailer anyways.
  5. Best trend in shredding?
  6. ROTY (Rookie of the year)?
    Layne Treeter

Last time you crapped your pants?
Never have believe it or not.

Is Travis Moore a kook?
No but he’s a little nuts!

Marriage, when is that going to happen?

What type of facial hair should Garrett Russell grow next?
Mustaches under his eyes.

Do you feel like a failure because do not know how the “fiscal cliff” will effect the resale value of your properties?
I don’t have properties, so no.

Any advice for the kiddies?
Be awesome.

Have you ever fallen on a snowboard?
Obviously not.

 State the best of the following:
  1. Grab
  2. Trick
    fs 3
  3. Band
  4. Celebrity
    Bruce Willis
  5. Beer
  6. SGT Legend
    The Dunf
  7. Headwear
  8. Country (there is a right answer)
    Wrong, it’s Canada
  9. Hair Color
    That’s just stupid

Do your parents hate your snowboard friends?
Only you pal!

Biggest cliff you have dropped?

Claim your sponsors:
Capita, 32, The Levitation Project, Union, Dragon, Etnies, SEABA, MyPakage

Better movie Top Gun or Art of Flight?
Top Gun.

Are the Red Bull contests legit? Who is going to win in 2013 and why?
They  seem pretty cool. Who knows, pow’s like that.

Murder, Make-out, Marry (Kim Kardashian, Katie Holmes, Katie Perry)?
I have no real preference. Maybe I’d start with a game of Russian roulette, then see who annoyes me the least out of those two, then bang the other I guess.

Lucas Moore, great or greatest ever?
There is no word yet properly describing the Lucas.

How many nicknames do you have? Please list them and how you got them?
Shit I don’t know… I have lots, don’t you think the nickname question is pretty played out? Call me Burns. Or Andrew. Please don’t call me Andy. Thanks.

Party story, go.
It was crazy! On my way to the club in centro and then… wait I blacked out, you’ll have to ask someone else my best party story haha.

Last time you were in jail? Why?
No comment.

How many double corks do you have?
Some. Less than 23.

Best way to pick up a chick hanging out in front of Tage?
That’s not where you want to pick up chicks.

What is your greatest accomplishment in life?
Surviving? haha

Any advice on how to hook up free drinks at Mute?
Be awesome. For reference, see me (Andrew Burns), Skylar (Holgate), Nicki (Slechta), and (Chris) Coulter.

If T-Rice rules big mountain and Terje is the legend of legends then how many miles do you have to ride on your bike to be a man?
I don’t have a bike, I like machines better. 

Final Score and Rating: 

Even though Mr. Burns feels that he deserves a prefect score and will probably attack me (& lose) he will not receive one. The standards and traditions of Dr. Crockett’s Interview Hour have long been a pillar of journalistic excellence, and will not be bullied. In conclusion, Andrew answers were honest and thought provoking. He challenged his inner Dr. Phil and combined it with the sensibility of a Hallmark movie of the week. In consideration of this – 43 points are awarded.