This is Dr. Crockett’s interview hour
Where based on the subject’s intelligence they are asked a serious of questions and then scored on how deeply they search their soul for the answer.

Today’s subject is Tony Pavlantos, Tony is a rock climbing, mountaineering, backcountry shredding bad-ass. “Big T” lives in SLC with fellow SGTers’ Chris Coulter & Ben Girardi. Tony is seriously a really good person, probably the best person at SGT. His dark skin and easy on the eyes appearance helps make SGT the best looking company in the industry. Tony is the bees knees, he gets honored by the honored, he shows up on the heros lists of mountain men and true adventurers. Tony is what passion aspires to be. Tony is who Brad Pitt’s dad wishes his son was like. We seriously love this dude (No homo).

It is now time for Tony to sit in the honesty chair and cut open a vain.

Tony’s questions are:


View on SLC? 
It was really good from my bivy camp last week on Mt. Kessler with my Boy Ryan Lehner. We ran out three pitches of mixed climbing to try and sleep in a cave and ride a couloir. Instead, we slept on the summit with 3 million people below, woke up and rode some rocks with snow on them.

Describe SGT Argentina Lodge in one story (not featuring Crockett)?
Well, Soul Max is just that  “Soul to the Max” At 12pm my first night in Bariloche after unwinding the evening ending in a midnight swim in the heated pool I thought I would go hit the hay. Instead the door was locked with the key inside. No roommates answered calls, texts, banging door… 2 am came around and the Roma “coaches apartment” foyer got cold.  So back to Soul Max I went. And who other than Miguel “our night security guard and good friend” greeted me at the door laughing. He preceded to stoke the fire in the grand hotel entrance and brought me a blanket so I could sleep fire side on one of many common room couches where I was awoke four hours later by the smell of sizzling bacon as the kitchen staff prepared breakfast. Not a bad night locked out. Garret got keys made… and my assurances that Soul Max is truly home was justified.

Best x-mas/Kwanza/Hanukkah gift ever received?
My first beacon probe and shovel at fourteen.

Where do see table tennis evolving to?

Vote on the following

Rider of the year:
I think he/she is lurking under the radar somewhere

Video of the year:

Hottest chick in Snowboarding/Skiing:  
The one with the most Down, I think she wears turquoise

Dude you want to spend a couple of nights in a tent with (must answer):
I assume a man…? So… Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Bruce Lee, Mark Twight, Conrad Anker, I will get in trouble if I list the girl I want to spend a couple nights in a tent with.

Best trend in fashion:
Tight Yoga Pants

ROTY (Rookie of the year):
Honestly probably Carly Joseph she has an all around love for and ability to snowboard so great that she dedicates her time to all aspects from park to big mountain and at 17 actually takes the time to learn the technical education side which if she wants would make her a huge asset to the snowboard community… to progress your knowledge and skills so broadly is great because I see her doing more than all the up and coming boys her age..

Last time you cried?
February 16,  2012

Is Travis Moore a kook?
Nope I don’t think he could run a surf and shred camp so well if he was.

Secret crush (can’t say Crockett)?
Natalie Portman

What type of facial hair should Garrett Russell grow next?
I didn’t know there were different types of facial hair. Maybe rabbit fur cuz its soft

What is the longest amount of time you have gone without lady company? 
That question is too broad. but there has been ample distance is both space and time.

Any advice for middle aged people, that have yet to reach their dreams?
Follow them. Dreams are meant to come true or at least die trying to make them.

How often do you lie?
If I don’t lie then I don’t have to remember anything so, I prefer to not lie.

State the best of the following:
  1. Grab
    Switch Method
  2. Trick
    Stale fish grab carve to back 180 to switch backside triple cork 1440
  3. Polka
  4. Celebrity
    They are unique
  5. Champagne
    Cooks brings back memories of childhood digging at Windells
  6. SGT Staff
    Ya the staff is the best! Irreplaceable if you ask me
  7. Headwear
  8. Position
    “depends” on what you are trying to accomplish
  9. Hair Color
    Black like Stallion Black

Who are you jealous of?
Trustafrians Mon!

If you were going to commit murder in a movie, what song would be playing?
Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

Claim your BFF:
Zach Meisner

Best song to dance naked to?
Never Danced naked but I would like too Really soon and I will be sure to let you know what song.

Rocking climbing, you do that?
Try too.

Lucas Moore, great or greatest ever?
Greatest Lucas Moore the world has to offer.

How weird is Ben Girardi?
He is a unique individual that has an incomprehensible work ethic and creative talent with motivation to produce any thing he wants.  I am enjoying being his roommate this winter. But he is probably pretty weird if he lives with someone as crazy as me.

Best Coulter story
All my Coulter stories are so crazy I would ruin their gnarliness by trying to tell one. Lets just say he is good at life! Real Real Good! He also dropped into hang fire after I got caught in an avalanche just to come help me out. That shows a dedicated mountain partner more than I can describe.

Party story, go
Mine are really bad like teenage mischief bad. other than that I don’t remember.

Last time you clipped for a lift ticket? Where?

I clipped peoples lift tickets at Brighton in 2004

Most drinks you have had bought for you?
My last shipment of Amy and Brians Coconut Water was 96 – 20 oz cans so probably that many.

Favorite type of energy bar?

What is your greatest accomplishment in life?
Peeing in my doctor’s face when I was born. Or tanning elk hides to make gore-tex leather guide gloves. Eeww.

Do you think I (Crockett) would look good in a zoot suit, like 1920’s style?

Beer, shots or coffee?
Its all water based

You make a lot of split boards, do you wish that you were a skier?
I am a skier the whole way up!

Who is the secret boss of the company?
David Burg

How mad are you at Dr. Crockett (me) for kicking you out of the pool when you “lost” your suit?
Really glad u did. Except you could have handed me my shorts first.

One thing you would take back if you could? 
Not telling Cornelius to just hold on to the back of the truck with me as we waited for the light to turn green. And instead watched him speed wobble on his short board as he let go of the truck at 35 miles an hour and crushed his torso under the rear wheel. I tried to bring him back but he only made it to the hospital. Speak Out!  If you think you should say something please say something it could make a difference.

What are you looking for in a lady or man?
One who does more for everyone else than her self, but still knows what she needs to be happy and healthy.

Solve for x:     x + 16 = 6x – 9  

X = 5

Final Score and Rating:
After careful observation and a couple of vinos I have decided that Tony P. was honest and handsome. However, I often feel that his kind heart makes him a better person then me. So he gets a score of 8.