The Best of 2012


Ski Machine:
Michelle Parker – If you don’t know, I can’t explain it

Best Bar:

Best Intsagramer:
KC Deane

Best Song:
My D#@k – Big Pun (what up Burnsy)

Best Dance:
Kate Upton – Cat Daddy

Best Shredder:
David Gonzalez – I know this is a skate part, but he is hitting snowboard sized rails on a skateboard. And doing it well.

Best Person to get a Churro with:
Robin Van Gyn

Best Night Out:
Burns’ Birthday @ DUSK – still recovering

Chief Handler:
Tikos – never home before 1:00am and always up and ready to shred

Best Attitude:
Michelle Parker – ski, smile, run, smile, eat, smile, ab ripper, smile, hang out, smile, sleep & smile (I assume)

Biggest Bad Ass:
Chirs Coulter – should just name this award after him

Mellow Cat:
Piers “Semi-Swiss” Solomon – hola

Best Food:
lomoito @ TAGE & anything @ Alberto’s (tie)

SGT Staff

The Garrett Russell Award (words can’t explain this):
Garrett Russell

Best House:
New Hampshire Shanty Crew (Burg, Lucas & Crockett – featuring guest appearances by Burns)

Best idea:
Travis Moore – acquiring Rincon Surf School

Safe as Heck:
Miguel (off-hill) – don’t try to go in the pool after 11:00pm
Skylar Holgate (on-hill) – bringing everyone home

Best Smile, Hair & Bottom:
Nicki Slectha

Best SGT Staff Member:
David Burg – for handling everything

Gnarliest Adventure:
Jon Conway – over 100 hours to get to Bariloche

Biggest Crap Talker:
Fran – in a run away

The Man & Internet Beast:
Skylar Holgate

Over shoot the landing:
Ben Girardi – JESUS!!!!!! He went so far past his normal consumption of none. Twice.

Most things engaged in:
The Lucas – Watch a movie, check clients in, g chat, listen to new track from some crappy band, talk (in spanglish to Samuel), correct a mistake by Burg, . . .

Staff MVP:
Tony Pavlantos – for taking every difficult assignment without complaint

SGT Family

Sendiest Camper:
Blaine Galivan & Chris Poe (Tie)

Funniest Name:
Sam Shopland Reid (say with bad british accent)

Most Stoked:
Chelsey Wells

Wisest & Most Impressive:
Evan Axelrad

Biggest Cojones:

Most Fun Had:
Wes Mills & Wes Mills jr.

Best Intern:
Oscar Jacob

The Major Awards

Rookie of the year:
Tony Pavlantos

Most Improved:
Nicole Harris

Best Edit:
Session Uno – Snowboard (by Jon Conway)

Best Photo:











Best Coach/Guide:
Pete Connolly

Best Camper:
Chase Josey


As the foremost authority on all things snow I take the end of the season honors very seriously. When I chosen from the nearly six applicants to attempt to fill the vast chasm left by the departure of the immensely talented Dunfee, I know this would be the most difficult part of the job. It took the last three months of research, opinion gathering, video watching  and the occasionally stress related panic attack to deliver the definitive list for SGT Argentina 2012.

Now that this lomo of a list has been consumed, I must rest in an attempt to muster the courage to once again document Argentina in 2013. For you. . . I will go once again go into the depths of insanity and bottomless powder to overcover the truth behind SGT, the people & Argentina.

Thank you to everybody for being part of the best year in SGT history. We anticipate next year to be even better, so make sure to get down to Argentina so you can make the best of 2013.

-Dr. Crockett