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Many of the folks we talk to say they would love to experience the wonder of the mountain wanderer but they simply do not believe they have the ability. That’s crap. Our potential abilities are limitless, one must only make the choice to realize. Take concrete steps. Get out there and go skiing, go snowboarding, spend time shredding snow and skills will improve. An even better way to improve? Come down to Argentina with SGT where we deliver individual attention to each every one of our campers, clearly laying out the logical steps to improve ability and increase confidence. Ability is confidence and at SGT building confidence is our job.

Other shreddy friends say they don’t go backcountry skiing because they don’t have the gear. While that is a valid point, it is not insurmountable. What kind of gear does the backcountry adventurer need? Well it depends on what they’re trying to do… but here’s a basic list:

  1. Beacon, shovel and probe (for avalanche safety)
  2. Telemark, Alpine Touring (AT) or splitboard set up
  3. Backpack
  4. First aid kit

Find good deals on backcountry gear on these websites: Also, SGT provides rental backcountry gear for those coming down to Argentina.

In our opinion, probably the greatest consideration to be made before taking on the backcountry is risk analysis. The backcountry presents plenty of dangers, such as avalanche, accidental injury and other issues that are not very prevalent in the resort. One does not just walk into the backcountry without doing their homework. SGT offers AIARE Level One avalanche courses as well as an in-house avalanche awareness course for all of our campers so that we have the knowledge about how to approach terrain, minimizing and avoiding high risk situations.

While other limitations exist holding our friends from the backcountry we think we’ve presented a pretty good start here. Take these steps and you too can shred the backcountry:

  1. Sign up for SGT Argentina 2013
  2. Take an SGT AIARE Level One Avalanche safety course
  3. Look at buying or borrowing AT gear
  4. Get in shape by starting a dynamic daily fitness routine
  5. Improve your skiing and snowboarding skills
  6. Gain backcountry experience with solid SGT guides and coaches in Argentina

So there it is folks. Whatever you do and however you do it: have fun, be safe, and never stop exploring the limits of being alive!

Signed, Your friends and fam at SASS Global Travel

Check out our program in Argentina!