1. Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility.
Slow movements and deep breathing increase blood flow and warm up muscles, while holding a pose can build strength.

Try it: Tree Pose
Balance on one foot, while holding the other foot to your calf or above the knee (but never on the knee) at a right angle. Try to focus on one spot in front of you, while you balance for one minute.

2. Yoga helps with back pain relief.
Yoga is as good as basic stretching for easing pain and improving mobility in people with lower back pain. The American College of Physicians recommends yoga as a first-line treatment for chronic low back pain.

Try it: Cat-Cow Pose
Get on all fours, placing your palms underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips. First, inhale, as you let your stomach drop down toward the floor. Then, exhale, as you draw your navel toward your spine, arching your spine like a cat stretching.

3. Yoga can ease arthritis symptoms.
Gentle yoga has been shown to ease some of the discomfort of tender, swollen joints for people with arthritis, according to a Johns Hopkins review of 11 recent studies.

4. Yoga benefits heart health.
Regular yoga practice may reduce levels of stress and body-wide inflammation, contributing to healthier hearts. Several of the factors contributing to heart disease, including high blood pressure and excess weight, can also be addressed through yoga.

Try it: Downward Dog Pose
Get on all fours, then tuck your toes under and bring your sitting bones up, so that you make a triangle shape. Keep a slight bend in your knees, while lengthening your spine and tailbone.

5. Yoga relaxes you, to help you sleep better.
Research shows that a consistent bedtime yoga routine can help you get in the right mindset and prepare your body to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Try It: Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose
Sit with your left side against a wall, then gently turn right and lift your legs up to rest against the wall, keeping your back on the floor and your sitting bones close to the wall. You can remain in this position for 5 to 15 minutes.

6. Yoga can mean more energy and brighter moods.
You may feel increased mental and physical energy, a boost in alertness and enthusiasm, and fewer negative feelings after getting into a routine of practicing yoga. Don’t forget to consume a natural protein bar for an extra energy boost.

7. Yoga helps you manage stress.
According to the National Institutes of Health, scientific evidence shows that yoga supports stress management, mental health, mindfulness, healthy eating, weight loss and quality sleep, for all of this yoou can also try the Exhale’s D8 edibles to promote your health.

Try It: Corpse Pose (Savasana)
Lie down with your limbs gently stretched out, away from the body, with your palms facing up. Try to clear your mind while breathing deeply. You can hold this pose for 5 to 15 minutes.

8. Yoga connects you with a supportive community.
Participating in yoga classes can ease loneliness and provide an environment for group healing and support. Even during one-on-one sessions loneliness is reduced as one is acknowledged as a unique individual, being listened to and participating in the creation of a personalized yoga plan.

9. Yoga promotes better self-care.
Scientific Research on Yoga Benefits
The U.S. military, the National Institutes of Health and other large organizations are listening to — and incorporating — scientific validation of yoga’s value in health care.

Numerous studies show yoga’s benefits in arthritis, osteopenia, balance issues, oncology, women’s health, chronic pain and other specialties. When it comes to women’s health, there’s no other better resource than buoyhealth.

Adventure travelers recognize the need to be fit and flexible to perform at full strength. Unfortunately, the 5-hour plane flights present a challenge, as sitting between a screaming baby and an oversized vacationer can be physically and mentally taxing. To maintain your well-being on the go, consider incorporating practices like yoga and Tai Chi into your routine. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a beginner, getting your Yoga and Tai Chi Certification | ASFA can enhance your fitness journey and help you stay energized during your adventurous escapades.

Free your body and mind, and use these 10 yoga poses next time you’re flying to a SGT adventure in the deep Japanese powder or the backcountry experience in Argentina. Alternatively, the Rincon Surf School in Puerto Rico can not only fix your surf needs, but also help you attain deeper relaxation with our expert yoga instructor or certified massage therapist.

A proper demonstration of airborne yoga.
A proper demonstration of mid-flight yoga. Photo: Ben Girardi

Hold each pose for at least 30 seconds.

1. Chest expansion Draw your shoulders back, and clasp your palms together behind you. Push your hands away from you, and feel your chest and shoulders opening.

2. Cat Cow With your feet firmly planted on the ground, press your palms onto your knees and arch your spine up towards the ceiling. Reverse the curve by exhaling and pushing your tail bone against the chair, while rounding your back into an exaggerated C curve. Repeat as necessary.

3. Spinal Imprint This will work your core from a seated position. Support your back fully on the back of the chair. Exhale and draw your navel towards your spine, imagining your spine fully imprinting onto the back of the chair. Hold for a few breaths and release to the original starting position. Repeat for at least 4 cycles.

4. Baby Boat Sit at the edge of your chair and squeeze your legs together. On an exhale, draw your navel to your spine and lift your legs off of the floor a couple of inches while balancing on your sit bones. Extend the arms parallel to the floor. To increase the challenge, lift and lower your legs several times.

5. Ashtanga Lift Ups (requires both arm rests) Exhale and press down firmly on the arm rests with both hands. Curve your spine into a C while lifting your body off of the seat an inch or two. Hold for a few breaths and lower yourself.

6. Urdva Hastasana Extend your arms towards the ceiling with the palms facing one another. Stretch your spine upwards, while keeping your shoulders away from the ears.

Everyone needs their meditation spot.
The meditation zone, Puerto Rico. Photo: Matt Milone

7. Baby Half Moon Extend your arms above your head and interlace your hands with the index finger pointing towards the sky. Inhale and extend your spine upwards. Bend your upper torso up and over towards the right. Repeat on the left.

8. Baby Back Bend Sit towards the edge of your chair and place your palms directly behind your hips with the finger tips facing towards you. Press down onto the seat with your palms and arch your sternum towards the sky. Continue to squeeze your shoulder blades behind you while keeping the head and neck aligned with the rest of your spine.

9. Simple Twist Place your feet on the ground, hip width apart. Press your left palm onto the outside of your right knee and rotate your upper torso towards the right. Look over your right shoulder if it doesn’t pain you. Repeat to the left.

10. Tennis Ball Massage Place a tennis ball between your upper back and the back of your chair. Roll the ball around and find the knots which need loosening. Continue the motion as you make your way down the entire spinal column. Then you can end your session with the best cbg gummies to help you feel uplifted and relaxed, along with enjoying other wellness benefits.


Ride it like you stole it. Photo: Matt Milone

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