In 2007, SASS Global Travel decided to move our ski and snowboard camp from Las Lenas to Catedral Alta Patagonia. Not only does Catedral offer more variety in terrain, but also the mountain provides more promising choice of having your max number of days on mountain while in Argentina.  When deciding on South America for a ski/snowboard vacation, we always wish for the most amount of days on mountain, as our policy of shredding South America is a number one priority. To further demonstrate which mountain is the more desirable location, SASS breaks down the two prime Argentinian mountains.


Las Lenas is located in the western part of the Mendoza Province and is famous for its good alpine terrain. However, Las Lenas unfortunately does not have any other terrain to offer, as weather is a big issue. SGT understands this, given our history of waiting for weeks to get a day in of skiing. More importantly, all the powderhounds waiting out the poor weather congregate in the streets, making a total s%!$ show. Argentina does not present itself in the tiny ski town, as the small number of hotels and bars present little night life for our guests. As a result, the SGT crew decided we were unable to fulfill our desire to provide our clients with not only phenomenal skiing/snowboarding but an experience of the Argentine culture. Located 12 miles outside of San Carlos de Bariloche, inside of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, Catedral Alta Patagonia offered that true authentic experience we were looking for.

mapa_inv_2013d_s.jpgWith more than 65 miles of inbound ski runs, Catedral Alta Patagonia is one of the biggest ski centers of South America. This count fails to even begin to measure the vast side country and backcountry, which is arguably better than Las Lenas. Plenty of hostels and hotels located at the bottom of the mountain drew big mountain riders from around the world to visit the destination of Catedral. This location offers a rich Argentine culture full of live music, fantastic food, and a great night life. All factors included, Catedral Alta Patagonia is the place to be when skiing in South America.

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