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Gear Essentials

  • – Beacon, Shovel, Probe – $224.  It should go without saying but know how these devices work    before busting through the gate.
  • – Inclinometer – $25.  Also see Lucas Moore’s personal pick, the Kickstarter-funded PoleClinometer.
  • – Extra Batteries – $5.  If you don’t end up using them, we guarantee a buddy will.
  • – First Aid Kit – $27.  Safety first.
  • – Lighter – $2.  This one serves a variety of purposes…
  • – Knife – $5-50.  Clear brush from a takeoff or fend off a hungry yeti.
  • – Radios – $149.  Communication in the backcountry is everything.  Use these to scope landings from below, call your drops, and keep each other entertained on grueling hikes.
  • – Water – $free.  Stay thirsty my friends…
  • – Snacks – 12 pack for $27.  Honey Stingers are my personal pick, tasty and high in energy.


  • – Puffy Layer – $186.  An essential for emergency situations requiring you to stay on site.  Don’t break the bank with Mountain Hardware’s functional hooded option.
  • – Extra Gloves – $27.  A thin pair for hiking, or a down pair for emergencies.  Preferable both.
  • – Extra Goggle Lens – $ free with purchase of Smith goggles.  No one likes changing lenses, make it an extra pair of gogs if you’ve got room.
  • – Sunglasses – $209.  Keep your goggles from fogging and stay cool on the hikes.  Demand respect and authority with the ever-stylish Pit Viper collection.

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  • – Bluetooth Speaker – $59.  Loop it to the outside of your pack to get your stoke up on the approach, just be sure to turn it off for safety on the descent.
  • – Pabst Blue Ribbon – $5-10.  A heavy but undeniably refreshing item to carry.  Toss a few tallboys in your pack, you won’t regret it (unless they explode all over your gear).
  • – Fireball – $3-18.  The 750ml bottle slides nicely into a pack, or throw in a few shooters to save on space.  For a cheaper option, see a personal favorite of mine, Black Velvet.
  • – Fireworks – $5-20.  No explanation needed.


  • – Snow Saw – $27.  Take your snow studies to the next level.
  • – Portable Splint – $15.  Small, light, and a must have for injury situations.
  • – Ski Strap – $9.  Keep your skis together if they’re in tour mode or apply pressure to a wound.
  • – Compass – $24.  Stay oriented.
  • – AIARE Field Book – $29.  Keep track of your backcountry experiences and enhance your decision making.
  • – Portable USB Charger – $49.  Charge a dead phone or radio from anywhere in the field.

So there you have it, SASS’s complete list of backcountry pack essentials.  Yes, this is expensive stuff, but get in touch with the right people and you’ll be able to score some healthy discounts.  Additionally, we’re not expecting you to carry every single item here, however if you join us in Argentina this summer, it’s more than likely our crew will have everything here covered.

Just a few spots are left in Session 5 for SASS Argentina, join the fun by Inquiring Here while you still can!