If you’re considering coming to SASS Argentina this summer or (even better) if you’re already registered, you already know how to ride a chairlift up and make your way downhill on your skis/board. But what about if there are no chairlifts around? Or what if the best turns sit above and beyond where the chairlift will drop you off (note that this is typically the case). Sometimes bootpacking will get the job done, but more often than not, the most efficient way to get uphill without a chairlift is to tour.


How many skinners do you see? Group led by Chris Coulter. PC: Ben Girardi


Touring is a bit more in-depth than just throwing your skis on your shoulder and walking uphill. There are many more steps involved, moving parts, and pieces of gear to keep track of, and this is where SASS comes in to help…

Available at SASS Argentina this summer will be six pairs of DPS Skis complete with frame touring bindings (able to accommodate any ski boot), plus skins. Not a skier? No sweat. We’ve got you snowboarders covered with another six Jones Splitboards kitted with Spark R&D Bindings and skins to get those who stand sideways both up and downhill. These touring setups are available in a variety of shapes, heights, and models, making them available for clients of different genders, ages, and sizes. Touring Clinics will be going down for both skiers and snowboarders throughout ALL sessions at SASS Argentina this summer.


Pete Connolly leads the charge at SASS Argentina last summer. PC: Ben Girardi


But we won’t just throw the gear at you and say, “alright, figure it out!”. Our staff of seasoned backcountry veterans will be there to teach you the most efficient ways to pack your gear for the day, transition at both the bottom and top of your tour, and actually make your way uphill (route choosing, proper touring form, etc.). Learn along side the likes of Chris Coulter, Robin Van Gyn, and Garrett Russell who have been touring for years in North America, South America, and all over the world.



With our end goal being to have clients safely touring in groups of their own after SASS Argentina, our Touring Clinics will give you a complete introduction to the beautiful and endless world of #EarningYourTurns.

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