new zones we found last year and push the East Coast skiing’s potential even further. Unfortunately, an insane lack of snowfall and high temps left us less than inspired.

East coast snow enthusiasts turned to alternative sources for on-hill entertainment through the draught. Log sitting at Loon Mountain, December 2015

My dad is the guy that loves skiing ice, and argues that “skiing on in New England makes you better” while actually enjoying the fact that it’s 20 below because “there was no one out there!”. His level of diehard was truly tested this year as he was forced to skip days and leave the hill after one run time and time again. This is unheard of. On Christmas day we went for a hike. Not a tour or a skin, but a hike. In hiking boots. The grass was green and still growing. Gross.

After a winter like that, we feel unfulfilled. The anticipation of winter faded quickly into despair and the idea of sliding around on the lone white ribbon of death was the butt of a joke, and that joke wasn’t funny. We tried to laugh to ease the pain but this winter simply did not cut it, not by a long shot. So are we supposed to just chalk this year up as a loss? Are we really supposed to wait another seven months with our fingers crossed that things will be different next time around? Are we really supposed to wait that long to float through soft snow as cold smoke rushes across our face? No. No we are not. We are supposed to go find winter. We are supposed to go to Argentina.

You have the opportunity to save your disaster season by heading south, way south (this means you “Johnny East Coast”). SASS Argentina is the perfect chance for you to get redemption on your miserable season. Not only will you find yourself in some of Argentina’s best skiing, but you’ll be shown the way by an all-star cast of guides making sure to maximize your time on snow. Rather than wasting time figuring out what zones to hit, you have decades of experience by your side and you are guaranteed to be skiing the best (and safest) snow available every day. On top of that you will take your skiing or riding to the next level with integrated backcountry education at every turn. This is the chance you have been waiting for to test that “ice makes you better” attitude in big-mountain terrain (think steeper and taller than Colorado) while learning what it takes to do it right.

An Argentinian sidecountry left-footer in all its beauty


From our private lodge at the base of South America’s largest ski resort, we use the lifts to access hiking and touring options into the sidecountry and beyond on a daily basis. The vast terrain of the Andes will blow you away and skiing Bariloche‘s full on winter conditions will be all that much sweeter after the drought you just went through. Breakfast and dinner is included daily. Guiding and lift tickets are part of the package. Airport transfers and travel logistics aren’t something you have to think about. Sign up, show up and treat yourself to the winter you deserve surrounded by new friends and mentors.

Use this past winter as motivation. The time to pull the trigger is now. Who likes the heat of August anyway? We are meant to be in the mountains, on snow, layered up, smiling and slapping high fives.