6 years with SASS

When based in Argentina it helps to have a local on the ground that knows everyone, can do anything and is at least ok to hang out with. That’s Fran. Born and raised in Buenos Aires and a finish carpenter by trade, Fran has spent the past 20 winters in Bariloche. He is our go-to man for all things off-mountain and has been known to make a turn or two on his snowboard from time-to-time. He joined us at SASS Japan a few years back and hasn’t shut up about it.¬†You know he likes you as soon as he starts giving you shit, but make sure to give it right back. He is an indispensable member of the team who has a direct or indirect influence on the quality of everyone’s experience.

Follow him on Instagram: @franhuidobro


Fran Huidobro at Catedral
Every once-in-a-while we see Fran up on the mountain. He is always stoked. pc: Ben Girardi


Fran Huidobro in Japan
Fran getting a bit of air under his feet at SASS Japan. pc: Lucas Moore


Fran Huidobro hiking in Argentina
Sometimes he hikes. pc: Ben Girardi