Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the SASS Family – Rincon Relief Fund?

The SASS Family – Rincon Relief Fund is a fund created by the staff of SASS Global Travel and Rincon Surf School dedicated to helping our friends, partners, neighbors and co-workers get their lives restored. We created the fund in order support those in the community closest to us. We do this by providing “Qualified Disaster Relief Payments” to our friends, partners, neighbors and co-workers under IRS Code 139 in the form of small cash grants. Grants help recipients immediately pay for gas, food costs, temporary housing, medical care and transportation. They don’t need to be paid back.

Are you a 501(c)3 charitable organization? What about taxes?

We are not a 501(c)3 charity, primarily because we’re prioritizing the needs of our friends, partners, neighbors and co-workers. Most charitable organizations must serve broader community needs – we wanted to focus our efforts on specific people. But, we’re providing “Qualified Disaster Relief Payments,” so recipients are not taxed on the money they get.

Why should I donate to you?

There are many qualified charities serving PR. We’re not ashamed to say that this money is specifically helping our friends, partners, neighbors and co-workers. Non-profits are doing great work in PR, but we will make a quick and direct impact with cash grants at a time when cash is exceedingly difficult to access. This will open the door to fuel (as it becomes available), groceries and transportation without waiting for a non-profit organization or FEMA to prioritize our friends and family in Rincon — with the vast amount of need in PR, it’s not likely to happen soon.


How are funds distributed?

We intend to bring cash to Rincon and distribute grant money in-person (beginning in early October) throughout the recovery, until power and credit/debit card access returns. Surf coaches and employees of Rincon Surf School & Resort are automatically enrolled. Others in need may contact us at

Who exactly are proceeds being given to?

Our friends, neighbors and co-workers in Rincon, with priority given to affiliates of: Rincon Surf School, Rincon Vacations, Pacia Life, Rincon Paddleboards, Casa Islena and Las Palmas Inns, Mamma Mel’s Learning Center, Arts and Beyond Education, Patinetero Skate Park and SASS Global Travel.

Will any of it be retained by the company? What if there’s money left?

No. 100% of money collected will be distributed to individual recipients or organizations serving community needs. Donations are kept in a separate account until distributed, at which point the recipient signs a receipt and indicates the need they intend to meet with the grant money. All funds not paid out by December 30, 2017 will be donated to ConPRmetidos Maria PR Real-Time Recovery Fund, a Puerto Rican 501(c)3 organization funding long-term relief. SASS Global Travel will make a spending report available to the public on this blog page in early 2018.