New VIP Apartment Option: Village Condo

      • Private, Semi-Private and Shared Apartment Options Available

      • Most modern 1 and 2-Bedroom condos at the Catedral base area

      • On-Site Spa, Swimming Pool and Fitness Facility

      • Each room includes:

        • Modern bathrooms (two per apartment).
        • Individual dual boiler and under-floor heating.
        • Spacious and comfortable fully equipped kitchens including a cuckoo rice cooker.
        • Living room with fireplace and stunning views.
        • Storage lockers for skis / boards.
        • Daily Breakfast each morning.

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Traditional Lodge Alternative: Paralelo 41

      • Traditional Lodge-style rooms, with 2-3 twin beds and en-suite bath.

      • Breakfast and Dinner included daily.

      • Lobby with fireplace, pool table and dining room.



      • Both properties are located in the Cerro Catedral base area, about ~10 minutes walking from the Amancay Gondola. Village Condo is opposite Shirdi Grocery on the main (paved) access road, while Paralelo 41 is two blocks up on a side road.

SASS Program Amenities (All Clients):

      • Daily Professional Backcountry Guiding

      • Airport Transfers to/from Bariloche (BRC)

      • Backcountry Safety / Avalanche Awareness Course

      • Daily Breakfast and Two (2) Group Dinners, including:

        • Welcome Dinner

        • Traditional Argentine Asado BBQ

      • Concierge and Group Transportation / Logistics Support