Barrels in the Caribbean

While we don’t know exactly where this video was filmed… We do know it is somewhere in Caribbean not too far from the SGT headquarters in the Rincon Surf School. Thank you SURFER Magazine for sharing this video. Mirage...

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Time to hit the backcountry

And then there were two… At this point if you’re skiing in Colorado, you’ve probably noticed that majority of the ski areas have shut down their lifts. Unless you’re trying to ski Loveland or Arapahoe Basin, it’s gonna be...

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5Point Film Festival: Sure to feature some bad ass backcountry films

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  • April 24, 2013
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At SGT, we know a thing or two about backcountry. Those inspired by art and adventure in the backcountry should check out the 5Point Film Festival in Carbondale, CO. While you’re there you’ll want to check out The Crash...

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Life Lost on Loveland Pass

A senseless marathon massacre. Shooting at 420. And the mountains take the lives of five backcountry snowboarders, etc. Agggghhhhhh! All dreadful news for one week. But in each crisis… we see an opportunity to do something different. They say hindsight...

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Steamboat Social Problems … Include giraffes

Ever wondered what kind of problems the Steamboat public service encounters? Featured in Steamboat Today, read this police record top to bottom for a chuckle or two

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Amazing timelapse at Whistler

Spend a second and let these melting images of Whistler capture your wonder. Whistler – Deep Sky from David McColm on Vimeo.

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Greg Long discusses big wave surfing

Greg Long discusses the changing face of big wave surfing in a video interview with SURFER Magazine. At the same time as we make advancements in safety, we are continually pushed to keep pushing the envelope. “Every single year we...

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She’s crazy about couloirs

Giulia Monego crushing backcountry skiing in the Dolomites of Italy… The advantage of being a backcountry skier and a bad ass? First tracks all day!

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How to recognize danger in the backcountry: Persistent slab

The resort is just too controlled, too populated with tourists cramping your style, too many industrialists trying to squeeze every penny from a good thing. You’re sick of it and you want to hit the backcountry. But you don’t...

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Shredding lines in Antartica

Would you ride Antartica if given the chance? Check out Xavier de Le Rue‘s gnarly sequences on the most “rewarding trip” of his entire career. The film comes out next fall 2013.

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