Our Mission:
“To share our passion for travel and progression by providing the platform to reach the next level on snow and in the water around the globe while growing and supporting the SASS family.”



SASS Global Travel (SASS = Surf and Snow Sessions) is an action sports adventure travel company devoted to providing the best travel experiences that give participants a platform to take their skiing, riding or surfing to the next level in some of the globe’s premier locations. We are best known for our flagship SASS Argentina program based in Bariloche, Argentina where we take advantage of full-on winter conditions in the heart of the North American summer. In 2012 as we expanded into the surf market we acquired the Rincon Surf School in Puerto Rico where we now house our global offices. In 2014 we expanded yet again to include a new snow experience on the island of Hokkaido in Japan offering another venue to our clients to get a taste of the deepest snow on earth in yet another intriguing culture.



ArgLogoOver the past ten years SASS Argentina has developed into the world’s best big mountain backcountry skiing and snowboarding camp providing epic experiences on snow while imparting the knowledge necessary to excel in the backcountry. SASS Argentina is an all inclusive, full service guided operation for all ages. We specialize in taking high-end skiers and riders into the terrain they have always dreamed of and giving them the necessary tools to become true big mountain backcountry travelers. Not only do our clients get to shred the free-ride playground that is SASS Argentina with some of the best pro skiers and snowboarders as their guides and coaches, but they also get an unparalleled backcountry education while utilizing the vast Andes as their classroom.



JapanLogoAfter having a small presence in Japan for the past few years we took the big step in 2013 year and launched our SASS Japan program. SASS Japan is a full service guided operation that takes you to numerous zones throughout the North Island (Hokkaido). With a flexible itinerary built around your small group’s desires for the best snow on any given day, we make sure to give you the platform to experience just that while pushing yourself into the backcountry and giving you the necessary tools to do so. We make each decision for the day based on where the best conditions are and where it snowed the most. We maximize your potential for copious snow by operating during the month of January (also known as “Japanuary” due to the fact that, during that month, there is no place you would rather be).



RSSLogoAs our passion for surfing increased over the years, it was inevitable that we expanded our trips to include experiences in the water. In 2012 we took over the Rincon Surf School based in the surf capital of the Caribbean: Rincon, Puerto Rico. SASS Puerto Rico is the Rincon Surf School. We cater to everyone from first-timers to experienced surfers looking for guided adventures. Our all-star staff of true watermen are here 365 days a year to help you take your surfing to the next level, whichever level that may be. Utilizing our passion and adventure travel expertise, we have quickly become the premier surf school on the island and rank #1 on Trip Advisor. We help with all lodging and logistical inquiries to make sure our clients enjoy their time in Puerto Rico while getting them in the water as much as possible to truly progress on a board.



Toll Free: 1.800.851.4660 | Direct: 1.603.498.7842 | Email: | Mail: 340 S. Lemon Ave. #7842 Walnut CA 91789

Administrative Office: Rincon, Puerto Rico  |  Home Office: New Hampton, NH  |  Field Office: San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Live Free or Die:We’re a New Hampshire Limited Liability Company. Our California address is for mailing purposes only.



Interested in working for SASS Global Travel? Studying abroad in Argentina and looking for an internship opportunity? Learn about employment opportunities that may be available, and our redesigned internship program for 2014 in Argentina.

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SASS Global Travel is made up of a small team of passionate explorers devoted to seeking out the best locations around the globe to ski, snowboard and surf and then sharing our knowledge with other like-minded individuals. It has been our dream to build this company to where it is and to take it even further in the future. This is this crew that puts the pieces together…

TRAVIS MOORE – Managing Director // Sales // Life Coach


travishsTravis Moore is more then the voice on the other end of the phone at SASS Global Travel. His relentless drive, energy, and love for all things fun help give the SASS friends and family the opportunity to be adventurous. Travis’ passion for helping people is limitless; he will literally do anything he can to help someone else be successful. When “T” is able to accomplish his or others’ goals, he is known to have joyous verbal tirades lasting for two-minutes without breathing. He wields his zest for life out of the SASS Global Travel world headquarters and does the job of eight normal men, 2 dogs and an intern while being a husband and father. Coming from a background in high end snowboard coaching he knows what it takes to push people to the next level. By the way Travis is nasty on a surfboard. “Smack the lip, bro.”
Contact info: 1.800.851.4660 ext. 102  //

LUCAS MOORE – Systems Manager // Program Director


lucasmoore While his notoriety in skiing and skydiving circles is undeniable, Lucas’ real claim to fame is as the only member of the SASS Global Travel team to be featured on his own billboard; his likeness is now a permanent fixture along the access road to Cerro Catedral in Bariloche, Argentina. When not listening to 90’s rock, wearing his silver jumpsuit, dancing, or arguing with his brother over who gets to take the next set wave, “The Lucas” can be found managing all of the systems integration and client communications that makes SASS Global Travel the well greased machine it is. He also runs day-to-day operations at SASS Argentina. Lucas has the unique ability to perform any office task while simultaneously watching an absolutely tasteless movie.
Contact info: 1.800.851.4660 ext. 103  //

DAVID BURG – Finance & Technical Director // General Manager // Logistics Guru


davidburg Having accrued years of experience as a scholar and entrepreneur in the snowsport world’s Silicon Valley, Boulder, Colorado, David was brought into the SASS fold with only the promise of a pass to Catedral, and what a deal that was!  A self-proclaimed “nerd for business,” David manages all of SASS Global Travel’s financial systems and contracts as well as website development, market analysis, technical development, and online marketing work.  After many seasons in Steamboat Springs, Colorado during the North American winter, David is now based with us in Puerto Rico. David  is an accomplished pilot, and is constantly harassed by Lucas to fly his skydiving missions.
Contact info: 1.800.851.4660 ext. 107  //

PETE CONNOLLY – Brand Manager // Mountain Operations Director // Ski Guide


peteconnolly Pete Connolly joined the SASS team in 2010, and rapidly became an indispensable member of the year-round staff. A native of New Hampshire, Pete now resides in Denver, Colorado when he is not in Japan, Argentina, Perto rco or scouting a new SASS location. In 2014, “sneaky” took over as the SASS Global Travel Brand Manager. Pete now handles all branding, partnerships, sponsors, graphic design, advertising and online marketing projects while operating the on-mountain logistics in Argentina and Japan and gets his turns in by guiding groups every day.
Contact info: // 800.851.4660



It may sound cheesy, but we claim it all the time… SASS Global Travel is a family. Those of us in the office live and work together. Our seasonal staff are our best friends made through long standing relationships on snow and in the water. Our clients are regularly drawn into the fold as the return year after year. We pride ourselves in making sure everyone involved at every level is treated as a member of the family.

The SASS family is made up of the guys on the ground. From guides to coaches to operators to photographers and filmers to travel agents and logistics experts. From industry reps to athletes, interns, and environmentalists. We not only live life to the fullest, but make sure you do the same while you’re with us. When you go on one of our trips, you can look forward to getting to know people like Skylar Holgate, Michelle Parker, Daniel Freitas, Patrick Hall, Mike “Zappy” Paugh, Natalie Gough, Garrett Russell, Piers Solomon, Whit Arnold, MHB, Billy Moore, Randall Stacy, Brandon Halberstradt, Hana Beaman, Robin Van Gyn, Michelle Tamayo, Heather Hendricks, Jon Conway, Connor Winton, John Fisher, Andrew Burns, Brian Angelone, Brendon Drury, Nicki Slechta, Jen McGoldrick, Timmy Tausig, Dash Long, Alex Tuthill, Chris Coulter, James Heim, Garrett Russell, Andrew Spragg, Martin Wainstein, Kevin Joudrey, “Huge” Mike Steeves, Max Santeusanio, Tommy Tikos-Kadji, Pep Fujas, Ben Girardi, Jeff Moran, Ian Kirk, Scott Kuchinski, Tony Pavlantos, Brian Young, Jason Wiginton, and on and on… it’s one big, happy family.