This weekend we packed the car up and headed up to Killington for the annual East Coast stop of the Dew Tour.  A move to Killington meant a steeper slopestyle course with bigger jumps and a new, 22-foot superpipe – one of the biggest set-ups the East Coast has ever seen.  Athletes were stoked on the fast, firm, and fun slope course and while the left wall of the pipe was taking skier out left and right Saturday night, some impressive, doubles-filled runs were still thrown down.

But what was the real attraction you ask? THE SASSQUATCH.

The SASSquatch was all over Killington this weekend – shredding woods off Snowdon, firecrackering the stairs in the Stash park, posing for photos with fans, and even wrestling Toyota’s Yeti to a draw.  It was an action-packed two days for the SASSquatch, and everyone wanted a piece, from SGT clients…

…to our friend Jamie Anderson (two webisodes from SASS dropping soon on her blog), who won slope finals…

…to the Toyota Yeti him/herself.  Despite the wrastlin’ match that went down, these two are now cool.

SGT snowboard coach Nicki Slechta was also in town competing in women’s slope, and made finals after nailing the most tech rail run of any of the girls, with a front board-180-back board on the flat-down gap box – legit!  Unforunately, Nicki took one of the hardest falls I’ve ever seen during training, coming up short on the final 70 foot table and landing flat on her back.  Nicki was down for a minute but then quickly got up and walked it off.  With twenty minutes before her finals run, Nicki was in a ton of pain but tried for her run anyway – what a badass!  Nicki’s back froze up after the rail section and she had to forgo the rest of the contest, but damn that girl is strong.  Best of luck in Utah!

Big congrats to Nicki for being a badass and Jamie for crushing the slope finals!  If you actually wanted to learn about the results, I’ll let you check all that out on the Alli site.  Thanks again to the Lyles for putting us up and to Lee for the tickets!  Have a great week everybody – get shacked!!