Mountain High, CA

When I was about five years old i was given my first snowboard, from then on out its been all about it. I started going to bear but somehow faith pushed me towards the most beautiful place in the world in my eyes, Mountain High. Being a girl we have a lot of pressure in life, but when im at high all that goes away. I’ve met the most wonderful people who have became my best friends over the years. They’ve picked me up when I was down and have been teaching me new things about snowboarding everyday. If it wasnt for this mountain who knows where I would be and what kinds of trouble I’d be getting in to. In the end Mountain High is my favorite place in the world because of the atmosphere, nobody judges you and everybody encourgaes you to try a trick you just boofed one more time, it’s rare to find another place like that. Some people don’t see it as we do though. Mountain High is shwag, the parks not even sick, I get alot of B.S. about coming up everyweekend. But honestly, I wouldn’t want any of those people coming up because it would just add negativity and bring down the mountains main purpose. To me it’s more then a mountain, It’s a home.