Mountain Creek, NJ

There is this place I love to be,
It just so happens its in Jersey.
I can ride all day just having fun,
But I dread upon the words ‘last run.’

If you don’t understand Ill give you a hint,
Ive left a couple times wearing a splint.
But I always go back because it is great,
You can do anything there you can even skate.

Enough of the guessing Ill tell you were to go,
So you can enjoy the nice perfect snow.
My favorite is place is Mountain Creek,
Its in Vernon NJ Im there 7 days a week.

Me and that mountain have been through a lot,
Our good days and bad days and the times we faught.
And all the times I tried new things,
Like trying to fly without any wings.

When you are there you become so free,
Theres no boundaires or rules and no referee.
The people around are just like you,
There to have fun and do what they do.

From learning the basics to frontside spins
To backside rodeos and frozen skin.
And camping out for the first chair,
Just to show how much we care.