summer session down in Argentina, where the snow is chest-deep and the runs are ripe for the ripping.


Hiking Crew

1. Backcountry Skiing/Snowboarding: Making first tracks in fresh powder. It offers skiers/snowboarders a chance to experience challenging terrain in a more natural setting, but offers them the challenge of accessing and ascending the couloirs at first.


2. Backcountry area: The area outside the runs of a ski area or backcountry, away from developed ski areas. Typically on a different face from the resorts, as undeveloped land on ski areas accessible by lift is called sidecountry.


3. Avalanche: A large volume of snow rushing down a mountain. This event can be triggered by weather, instabilities in the snow pack or by a human error. Avalanches can be deadly, but a proper avalanche education can help you stay safe and secure.


4. Probe: A long rod, used to poke through the snow pack to locate people trapped and buried under the snow. The probe is used in addition to two other main tools, all necessary to be safe in the backcountry.


5. Backcountry Shovel: A smaller sized shovel than the typical driveway variety, this tool frequently breaks down into two pieces; the handle and the shovel head. These are made to fit into your backcountry pack, and are used to assess the snow pack and dig out a buried partner. Shovels are also used to partake in sled races, for when standing up or standing sideways just doesn’t cut it.


6. Avalanche Transceiver (Beacon): A device worn when skiing/snowboarding in the backcountry, or out of bounds. The beacon receives and transmits a signal that can be detected by another transceiver, useful when locating party members trapped in an avalanche.

Josh Trosky & Garrett Russell

7. Puking: Heavy thick snowfall that accumulates to form good powder snow and freshies for skiing.

Lucas Zelnick

8. Nuking: An unusually large or heavy snowfall accompanied by ideal conditions, making it the perfect time to go skiing. Also see puking.

Ski Touring Crew

9. POW: A slang term for fresh deep, good snow. Use this term sparingly in the presence of professional skiiers.

Mauri Cambilla

10. Freshies: The act of getting first tracks down a run/route with fresh powder. Typically accompanied by the skier/snowboarder claiming it at the bottom with a hoop and a holler, and a triumphant arm pump.