DMOS Collective, and you’ve probably wondered what the hell it is? Short answer, DMOS Collective makes a collapsable jump building and shaping tool called the Stealth Shovel. While all of us here at SASS are big fans of the product and actively use it for jump construction and feature maintenance at our on-snow programs, our roots with DMOS are stronger than most would expect.

Ultimately funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign in the fall of 2015, the Stealth Shovel (formerly called the Kicker Tool) was born in bucket list freeride destination, Jackson Hole, WY. After several prototypes and support gained from a handful big name athletes (Travis Rice included), DMOS has a functioning product that needed to gain funding and traction. But, one of the biggest keys to to a successful Kickstarter campaign is a professionally made product video. This is where SASS came into the picture…

In August 2015, DMOS sent team riders Zeppelin Zeerip and Blaine Gallivan along with videographer Galen Knowles down to SASS Argentina on a content gathering missions for their Kickstarter video. This is where DMOS and SASS joined forces… we utilized our knowledge of the terrain and ideal jump locations, while the Stealth Shovels provided us the means to build better jumps. Not only did DMOS collect sufficient footage on a handful of different features during their time in Argentina, but they also picked up athlete support from SASS Guide Andrew Burns, as well as Tim Durtschi who was passing through SASS Argentina for a couple weeks.

After the hugely successful trip, the Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded, and DMOS went into full scale production of their Stealth Shovel.

As we said, this is a product that we are all big advocates of, and you can WIN ONE FOR FREE by being one of the next two registrations for SASS Argentina. Make it happen by following the Registration Link Here!

Not quite ready to pull the trigger? No worries, fill out an Argentina Inquiry and we’ll get in touch ASAP to answer all your questions.