We are extremely excited to announce our newest trip in the SASS lineup… SASS Chile. After operating SASS Argentina for the past 12 seasons, we are taking the SASS brand of next level experiences across the border into the heart of the Chilean Andes beginning this September. This step significantly broadens our existing operations that take advantage of the South American winter during the North American summer. SASS Chile grew out of years of ongoing exploration focused on unique locations and untouched terrain aimed to provide an unparalleled experience to the SASS clientele that has come accustomed to the customer service, educational platform, allstar staff and camaraderie for which SASS is known.

SASS Chile will operate for one week from August 27th – September 2nd and is offered as both a stand alone trip, or as the second half of a truly unreal ski trip to South America, tying together SASS Argentina with the brand new SASS Chile. Clients choosing the latter, will head to Bariloche for Session 4 of SASS Argentina, then jump into a van and traverse the Andes ending up poised for another week of exclusive snowmobile skiing at SASS Chile.



Head Guide Skylar Holgate pointing out the options…





SASS Chile is the premier backcountry snowmobile-accessed guided shred experience. The combination of terrain, equipment, lodging and culture is rare and unique to this zone and program. Combine that with an elite team of guides to create an unparalleled sled-skiing experience — not only showing you to the goods, but getting you there. Headed up by mastermind and lead guide, Skylar Holgate, this team gets the benefit of his seasons of experience in this terrain and countless time spent on snow-machines in the mountains. SASS is excited to introduce this exclusive opportunity to go skiing in Chile to select high-end skiers and snowboarders with high levels of fitness, endurance and a desire for adventure.

Guide Pete Connolly enjoying some tree turns at the bottom of his run


This is not a vacation. This is an all-out shred-fest and we will be getting after it on some of the sickest snow machines any of us have ever had the pleasure of riding. Needless to say we will earn our asado every night.


Who likes skiing fast?


With this first step of expansion into Chile, we look to continue to share the joys of skiing during the summer months in some of the most culturally rich areas of South America. Perfect for the solo traveler as well as groups, the SASS experience is designed to build lifelong friendships, influence deeper backcountry knowledge and create a platform for progression as well as a damn good time.

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