SKYLAR HOLGATE’S SASS CHILE – Volcan Lonquimay, Patagonia

Skylar Holgate’s SASS Chile is the premier backcountry snowmobile-accessed guided shred experience in the world. There is no better combination of terrain, equipment, lodging and culture on the planet. Combine this with an elite team of guides who create an unparalleled sled-skiing experience. We not only show you to the goods, but get you there on the highest end snowmobiles available, making the up as much fun as the down (well, almost). SASS is excited to introduce this exclusive opportunity to select high-end skiers and snowboarders with high levels of fitness, endurance and a desire for adventure.


SASS Chile is our most physically demanding trip! Snowmobile experience is not required, although a high level of strength and stamina are absolutely necessary. SASS offers no refunds for unused days or for those clients unable to participate due to physical fitness.


SASS Chile is the brainchild of long-time SASS Argentina head guide and all-around mountain badass Skylar Holgate. Skylar brings over 15 years of experience guiding in South America and his extensive knowledge of sled-access skiing to this unique Chilean location.

This is a full service, big mountain, backcountry, skiing and snowboarding experience throughout the Southern Hemisphere’s winter that integrates backcountry education and snowmobile-access technique training into every step of the way. Not only will you grow as a skier/snowboarder and snowmobiler, you will access some of the world’s premier terrain from high alpine volcanic peaks to other-worldly tree skiing through the region’s native araucaria trees. Great for solo travelers, couples or groups, we create a cultural experience unlike any other based out of a compound built in a location that seems as if it was designed for sled-access skiing. You won’t waste your time attempting to figure out the area for yourself and instead will be shown straight to the goods starting day one by our professional guides. JOIN US.

This is a vacation for people who like to pack as much into their vacations as physically possible. This is an experience that might leave you in need of a vacation to relax your sore legs from the shred, tired arms from holding on for the up and sore cheeks from the constant smiles.


SASS Chile is right for you if:

  • You are an advanced to expert level skier or snowboarder who is capable of making consistent confident turns in steep terrain, variable snow and powder conditions.

  • You are used to intense physical activity, high levels of exersion and are in great shape.

  • You want to experience the the volcano region of Chilean Patagonia with pro guides, coaches and like-minded clients.

  • You have a desire to build backcountry and snowmobile skills.

  • You have a desire to step out of your comfort zone and push your limits with guidance.

  • You want to experience the Chilean culture with respect and patience.

  • You are in good physical and mental health and can enjoy skiing or riding in a group.


Our goal is not just to show you to the goods, but also seamlessly integrate the education necessary to find those goods on your own upon your return home. We want every single person leaving SASS Chile a better backcountry skier/snowboarder and snowmobiler. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the backcountry already or someone looking to push into bigger off-piste terrain for the first time, this experience will teach you new things, help you to explore new terrain, and guide you through the volcano region of Chilean Patagonia. All of our clients go through an orientation process in which we provide and avalanche awareness seminar on-hill emergency scenario practice and snowmobile skills training. Our philosophy is to create an experience that includes an insane amount of fun and progression in a group environment.


SASS Chile was designed to access vast untouched terrain as quickly and efficiently as physically possible. We provide everything you need and so much more. Here are the top five reasons to choose SASS Chile…

  1. Our knowledge of this exclusive backcountry zone is unparalleled – You made it all the way to Chile, don’t waste your time figuring out the routes and searching for good terrain. Let us show you to the best conditions available and the terrain you are looking for starting day one.

  2. The Guides – Led by mountain legend, Skylar Holgate, our team of guides know this terrain better than anyone and have the specific knowledge and experience necessary to lead a pack of snowmobiles to the goods. These guys not only love skiing, snowboarding, and snowmachines, they will blow you away with their intricate knowledge of how to operate at the highest level.

  3. High-end mountain sleds – The snowmobiles we use are the best available. All snowmobiles are specifically chosen for their ability to carry multiple people up steep terrain in deep snow. You will be learning on the best mountain snow machines made today.

  4. Travel Logistics Support – Lost baggage assistance, airport transfers, years of experience; we have dealt with it all and know exactly how to take the headache out of getting to this remote region of Chile.

  5. Unique Chilean Lodging – Instead of staying at a standard mountain hotel, stay with us at the Sled Chile compound. It is either a five-minute drive to the trailhead, or we can take the sleds directly from your cabin’s door. With a 10 person wood-fired hot tub and traditional Chilean quincho for aprés hangout, there is no better way to relax in anticipation for the next day, or celebrate that day’s accomplishments.

Additional benefits include: New friends, the food, avalanche awareness training, snowmobile access training, the araucaria trees, Chilean asados, a wood-fired hot tub…


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The SASS Chile Signature Program is for advanced level skiers and riders looking to explore the vast backcountry of the volcano region of Chilean Patagonia via snowmobile. Clients learn about backcountry-access snowmobiling from some of the world’s most experienced guides in one of the world’s most unique environments.
6 Nights / 4 Sled Days / 1 Weather Day



The SASS Argentina/Chile Combo Program is a one of a kind South American experience. Come for a session in Argentina and then travel over to Chile to continue the shred. This option is for advanced level skiers and riders looking to explore all that the Andes have to offer via two unreal unique platforms.
1 Argentina Session plus 1 Chile Session



SASS Chile Quick Hit Programs are for advanced level skiers and riders looking for a shorter lengthed experience exploring the vast backcountry terrain of the volcano region of Chilean Patagonia via snowmobile. Clients have the flexibility to choose the number of nights that best fits individual schedules.
3 Nights / 2 Sled Days Minimum



adult / accompanied minor only

Start Date: Aug 5th

starting at $2495


adult / accompanied minor only

Start Date: Aug 12th

starting at $2495


adult / accompanied minor only

Start: Aug 19th

starting at $2495


adult / accompanied minor only

Start Date: Aug 26th

starting at $2495


We highly recommend this incredibly unique experience. 

Not only do you get to experience SASS Argentina, you get to head over the border and experience SASS Chile too! Choose any SASS Argentina session and add on either the SASS Chile Signature Program or a custom lengthed trip. Maximize your time in South America and shred the backcountry in two completely different ways. Get your legs under you in the freeride playground that is SASS Argentina and push it to the limit via snowmobile at SASS Chile.



It is our goal at SASS Chile to blow your mind with the swath of uniquely Chilean terrain and provide the platform to access it as efficiently as possible. Every morning we put together groups at a maximum of a 5 to 1 client to guide ratio taking into consideration personal goals and desires as well as skill level making sure groups are consistent and on the same page. Daily options will depend on conditions but include: as many laps as possible on untouched open faces, sled-to-tour high alpine summits and almost endless vertical, lapping the trees on storm days or working on your snowmobile skills with instruction from the best. All you have to do is be sure to discuss your goals and desires with Mountain Operations Director Pete Connolly, jump into the right group and follow your guide.

We shred from early morning until the sun begins to go down (conditions depending). Our guides’ knowledge of the terrain and understanding of the mountains allow you to know that you will be taking advantage of every minute. Our great pleasure at the end of the day is hearing stories of the camaraderie gained, skills learned, smiles grinned and tired legs made.


Our location was specifically chosen due to the terrain’s unique quality that allows for unrivaled snowmobile access. The valleys were filled with lava from the surrounding volcanoes that has hardened to rock covering up vegetation, river crossings and other obstacles making vast flat fields of snow. These swaths make getting from ridge to ridge as easy as possible. This feature allows us to cover an unprecedented amount of ground quickly and efficiently. The alpine terrain is then just a high-mark up from the valley floor putting us at ridgeline in seconds and allowing for lap after lap in untouched conditions. The bazaar araucaria forests make for open tree skiing options during storm days and create an otherworldly backdrop. Additionally, no one else is accessing this terrain, giving us an amount of untracked runs comparable only to private heli-ski operations.


Everyone at SASS Chile wears an avalanche beacon and backpack containing a shovel and probe every day. Everyone is required to participate in an avalanche awareness orientation as well as on-hill avalanche scenarios and snowmobile training on the first day. We pride ourselves in our seamless integration of education into our guided experience. We want to make sure that every single person leaves SASS Chile a better backcountry skier or snowboarder no matter what your level was coming in. It is this commitment to proper backcountry protocol that allows us to push further into the mountains and build the trust within our group to know that we are all on the same page and willing to work as a team to accomplish our goals on the mountain.


For those of us coming from the Northern Hemisphere, we leave the dead heat of the summer and arrive in Chile to full-on winter conditions. This escape is a truly unique experience and should be on the bucket-list of any skier or snowboarder. Conditions in this area of Patagonia are best at the beginning of September due to consistent storms, but also high-pressure days allowing for visibility in the alpine. Our sessions are designed to capitalize on this peak of the season to increase the chances of the best possible conditions for our clients.


For those of us coming from the Northern Hemisphere, we leave the dead heat of the summer and arrive in Chile to full-on winter conditions. This escape is a truly unique experience and should be on the bucket-list of any skier or snowboarder. Conditions in this area of Patagonia are best at the beginning of September due to consistent storms, but also high-pressure days allowing for visibility in the alpine. Our sessions are designed to capitalize on this peak of the season to increase the chances of the best possible conditions for our clients.


SASS Chile was developed by and is led by head guide Skylar Holgate. After multiple years of exploration, he hand-picked our staff of SASS guides who are all accomplished professionals and have as much experience as anyone accessing ski and snowboard terrain via snowmobiles. All of our guides have completed at minimum a Level 2 AIARE avalanche safety course and are CPR and Wilderness First Responder (WFR) or Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) certified. Each has over 8 years of experience guiding in South America. This badass crew is here to not only show you to the goods but teach you to ride mountain sleds for the purpose of sled-access skiing in big mountain backcountry terrain.

SASS Chile is supported by the staff at Sled Chile, giving us additional resources, local knowledge and premier access to some of the world’s best terrain.



SASS Chile is based at the Sled Chile compound nestled in an araucaria forest beneath towering volcanoes and surrounded by natural hot springs. The compound itself consists of numerous backcountry cabins. SASS Chile’s lodging is set up in one of the larger homes on the compound. Casa Jerome is complete with two bedrooms, a full bath, living room, and adjoined kitchen. Heated by woodstoves kept running throughout your day in the field by the local staff, these are cozy comfortable and a perfect way to begin and end each day. A short walk through a forest path brings you over a stream and to the quincho, a traditional Chilean clubhouse. This is where the crew meets for breakfast and dinner provided daily. From the farmhouse style table, we make our plans for the day to come and tell stories of the amazing day we just had. A full bar gives you access to bottles of Chilean wine, homemade pisco sours and an array of beers. Last, but certainly not least is the 10-person wood-fired hot tub outside to door, perfect for rejuvenating your tired muscles.

In true Chilean fashion, we end every session with a massive asado (bbq) and invite our local friends to join us in celebration of our send-off. Huge cuts of beef and whole lambs are cooked over open flames and accompanied by numerous dishes unique to this area of chile. This is a truly unique experience and one that leaves both stomachs nad souls fulfilled.


When you’re not busy exploring the vast terrain, life at SASS Chile is about being in the mountains, experiencing this unique corner of the world and spending time with new friends in front of a fire, in the hot-tub or around the table. The days at SASS Chile are action-packed and physically demanding. Rest and relaxation are necessary to keep up the pace throughout the week. Hot tub sessions, filling food and early nights are the norm, but a few drinks with the crew is always an option. Rooming assignments are made by the SASS staff based on gender and age, but roommate and private room requests can be made.




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