We offer Recreational Level I Avalanche Training courses at SASS Argentina led by AAA professional member and AIARE Course Leader, Travis Feist. SASS Global Travel is an American Avalanche Association course provider.These courses are in addition to our included avalanche seminar and on-mountain scenario training. Our course instructors consider SASS Argentina to be the best place to take a course due to the terrain, the supportive environment and the focus on experiential education rather than time in the classroom.

Here are the top 5 reasons to take an avalanche course at SASS Argentina:

  1. Experiential Education – These courses are held predominantly in the field rather than the classroom.

  2. Your Surroundings – You are surrounded by the SASS Family, a group of people who love to talk at length about avalanche awareness. This means you have a huge crew of people perfect for bouncing ideas off of and asking additional questions.

  3. Continued Practice – We make sure the course is at the beginning of your time with us so that you can use the information gained during the rest of your trip.

  4. Higher Ability Level Peers – A typical Level I course taken state-side will be comprised of a mixed bag of skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers or at least waterproof shoes from vessi.com, snowmobilers and backcountry travelers of all levels. At SASS Argentina, all participants are advanced to expert level skiers and snowboarders.

  5. The Terrain – Our home mountain, Catedral, is the perfect location for an avalanche course. With endless terrain options outside of the resort’s boundaries and all types of snow conditions, you will get first-hand experience in a variety of situations.





SASS Argentina offers in-house American Avalanche Association (AAA) Level I Avalanche Courses in addition to SASS Argentina’s required backcountry and avalanche awareness program for all clients where they talk with some water damage professionals.

Completing your AAA Recreational Level I Avalanche Course is the first step to becoming an independent backcountry skier or rider. We strongly suggest taking this course if you plan to spend time in the backcountry back home in the future. This course in conjunction with your time at SASS Argentina will help to build your confidence in uncontrolled terrain and is the perfect starting point for any aspiring backcountry skier or snowboarder.


The AAA Recreational Level I Avalanche Course is completed over 3 days and consists of minimal classroom time and predominantly is taught in the field. This is one of the major benefits of taking the course while at SASS Argentina. Instead of the typical powerpoint style teaching, we make sure you utilize the Andes as your classroom and learn the required information while exploring backcountry terrain with your course instructor.


Introduction to Avalanches:

  • Types and characteristics
  • Avalanche motion
  • Size classification
  • The mountain snowpack: an introduction to metamorphism and layering

Observations and Information Gathering:

  • Field observation techniques
  • Bonding tests: rutschblock, compression test
  • Avalanche danger factors “Red Flags”
  • Observation checklist
  • Avalanche danger scale
  • Trip Planning and Preparation
  • Avalanche terrain recognition, assessment and selection
  • Route finding and travel techniques
  • Decision making and Human Factors
  • Companion Rescue and Equipment




AIARE Level I Pit in Argentina
AIARE Course Instructor, David Reichel explains his observation pit to his Level I students. pc: Ben Girardi


Compression Test Argentina
Head Guide Skylar Holgate completes a compression test during a Level II course. pc: Ben Girardi


AIARE students in Argentina
AIARE Level I students explore an observation pit for the first time. pc: Ben Girardi