Integrated experiential backcountry education is at the core of the SASS Argentina experience. We want to give our clients the platform to take their skiing or riding to the next level and leave with a greater understanding of what it takes to be successful in the backcountry. Avalanche conditions in Argentina are unique. Our guides have extensive experience in this zone and enjoy passing along the knowledge gained over the years. In addition to our included avalanche awareness seminar and required on-mountain avalanche safety scenario practice, we offer AAA Level I courses.

Getting into the backcountry for the first time is not easy. When new to the backcountry all you know is that you want to get out there, but it is a challenge to find the right people who know what they are doing and are willing to show you the way. SASS Argentina has been introducing advanced skiers and riders to the backcountry in Argentina for the past 14 years. Our staff is made up of professional mountain guides and experienced big mountain coaches who are eager to show those willing what it takes to be successful in the backcountry and deal with the risks it presents.


Beacon Education
Guide and Director of Mountain Operations, Pete Connolly explains how a beacon transmits to his crew. pc: Ben Girardi


Every single participant at SASS Argentina receives an in-depth seminar on the risk of avalanches, the basics of what to look out for and SASS’s specific avalanche protocols before putting their skis or board to the snow. The first day on-mountain we hold beacon drills and avalanche scenarios for practice before entering the backcountry. Once out there, your guide will talk you through the decision-making process and why he or she feels comfortable with certain terrain. In other words, we do not just show you to the goods, but also teach you the skills necessary to find those goods and minimize risk. Conversations about red flags, risk management and situational awareness are constant on the hill, on the chairlift, at dinner or even during aprés. We love to answer your questions, talk about avalanche conditions, discuss decisions and generally be backcountry mentors.


Beacon Education
Guide Robin Van Gyn shows her crew how to use a beacon. pc: Ben Girardi


Beyond our standard process, it is highly recommended that if you plan to enter into the backcountry on your own in the future, you take an accredited avalanche awareness course. This is the gold standard first step to becoming a backcountry skier or snowboarder. We offer the AAA Level I courses at SASS Argentina. To find out more about our AAA Avalanche Training Courses CLICK HERE.


Ski Coach and Guide Piers Solomon explains the process of an avalanche rescue to his group. pc: Ben Girardi