We are proud to partner with DPS Skis to provide a demo fleet that truly deserves to be in Japan. Test out some of DPS’s most progressive shapes in the conditions for which they were built. Every single pair of DPS Skis in our demo fleet have frame touring bindings giving you the added benefit of being able to take them deeper into the backcountry.

If you are going to try out some new skis in Japan, they might as well be some DPS Skis. We are proud to offer a quiver of DPS Skis for demo at SASS Japan. Not only does this fleet give our clients the ability to try out some of the best skis on the market, they are all equipped with touring bindings and skins giving those without the necessary equipment a chance to reach backcountry zones otherwise almost impossible to get to.

We specifically selected these skis for the notoriously deep conditions at SASS Japan. The Lotus 124 and Lotus 138 look like so much fun in the deepest of the deep. The Wailer 112 in its Tour1 construction is going to make skiing a joke, but leave plenty of size for fun on the way down.

We pride ourselves in being a platform perfect for pushing your skiing to new levels. If you have never tried ski touring, we are happy to show you how its done. Our guides will show you that there is a little more to touring than just walking uphill with your skis on your feet. If you have spent time ski touring but want to try out some progressive powder skis in the conditions they were designed for, no problem.

Demo skis are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Simply let us know that you are interested in trying one out and we will help you select the right skis, set them up and put you in the right group for the day.

Registered SASS Japan clients automatically qualify for 20% off from DPS Skis.




Check out the skis in our quiver below…



Incorporating maximum versatility into a 120mm class powder shape was the design mandate with the new version of the Lotus 124. It’s a fresh blend of planing performance and mixed snow comfort that features a more forward mount than any previous Lotus. The new architecture is mated with a flex pattern and sidecut built specifically to engage and navigate less than bottomless conditions, while still providing tremendous float and planing abilities in the truly deep.



Nine seasons of Alaskan R+D, but comfortably at home in the Wasatch, Tetons, or Alps, the Lotus 138 was the first rockered ski with sidecut ever built. The Lotus 138 incorporates the benefits of Spoon Technology that features a spooned convex shovel along with a new flex profile. The already iconic shape combines carbon’s power and precision with featherweight lightness in an unrivaled concoction bred for those who live for the art of riding deep snow.




The ‘Beyond Faceshots’ story continues with the introduction of the most advanced deep powder ski on earth. Designed exclusively for the best heli/cat/backcountry days, the Spoon features a convex 3-D shovel combined with a single-radius underfoot rocker and radical edge bevel for the ultimate in powder surfing sensation. The Spoon draws upon years of experience gained from refining the Lotus 138 and Lotus 120. The Spoon is a ski that requires very little up-and-down movement in deep powder providing incredibly fast slarving and angulated skiing with powerful reeling vertical sprays.



Touring skis are traditionally 60-80mm toothpicks designed for fast ascents and regimented skin tracks. Well, the best untracked snow is worth walking for. The award-winning Wailer 112 Tour1 weighs less than most significantly narrower traditional fiberglass touring shapes, but still delivers carbon’s inherent power benefits in deeper and mixed snow. Go strong for days with this legitimately light uphill supercharger, and one of the most soft-snow versatile and easiest skiing shapes in the history of the sport.