We partnered with TREW because we like our gear to perform in all of the conditions we throw at it. We also like to look good doing it. TREW may be known for long-lasting quality and weather tested outerwear, but we did not realize just how awesome their under layers are until we started wearing them in Argentina. With innovative fabrics and materials we highly suggest getting fully kitted in TREW gear to keep yourself dry, warm and comfortable while shredding in Japan.

We created SASS Japan to provide a platform for accessing the deepest snow on the planet. All that deep snow is because of the cold temps, wind and lack of sunshine. With the right gear, there is no questions that it is worth braving the elements. In order to be as happy as possible while there we recommend the gear that our partners over at TREW have to offer.

The best outerwear will keep the snow out while diving in and out of the whiteroom. A powder skirt, solid zippers and breathable waterproof material is a must for your jacket. The TREW Cosmic or PowFunk are perfect options. Bibs are highly recommended for maximum protection from all that snow flying all over the place and the TREWth Bib gets it done. As for your layer underneath, the NuYarn material that TREW has developed not only keeps you warm and dry as only merino wool can, but is also, without doubt, the most durable fabric made with merino on the market. The TREW ChillTop and 3/4 Bottoms are the go-to against-the-skin layers of all of our guides.

We oulined some of our favorite gear below. Don’t worry they carry women’s items as well, and from what we can tell, they are every bit as awesome.

All SASS Japan Clients are automatically eligible for a 20% discount on TREW Gear.




Check out the details of these great products below…




You can’t go wrong with either of these options. Both made with TREW’s Dermizax®NX outer membrane, you will thwart any attempt for faceshots to infiltrate anywhere other than your face. The overall durability and quality construction is the reason our guides rock this electric blue valdez snow jacket. The Cosmic (left) is for the minimalist. The PowFunk (right) gives you a bit more style and offers ample storage options. Both come with the most effective powder skirts we have come across.



If you haven’t been rocking bib-style pants for skiing or snowboarding, it’s time to make the switch. Not only to they keep out all that Japanese pow flying all over the place, but they are truly more comfortable and provide better athletic performance that having to tighten a belt around your waist to keep them in place. Again, made withTREW’s Dermizax®NX outer membrane, they are both breathable and waterproof. The pockets are well situated for bootbacking or longer uphill tours and the cuffs are made of some of the toughest material out there: TREW’s SuperFabric®.



This NuYarn Merino material makes for the best underlayers on the markeis the best. Merino wool is the best material to keep you warm, dry and comfortable, but it typically does not last over time. TREW developed this material to combat this issue and nailed it. The ChillTop features a built-in facemask that sits just off your face so as not to feel like you are being gagged, but just close enough to keep all the snow out during your deepest bottom turns. The thumb loops are also a must for keeping your wrists from exposure. The 3/4 Bottoms don’t get bunched up or stuffed into your boots giving you maximum comfort while keeping your legs ready for anything.