We are insanely proud to be able to share with you the testimonials about SASS Japan below. There is no better way to understand what the SASS Japan experience is all about than to hear what all of these amazing people have to say…




At the end of every day I thought that it was the best day of riding that I've ever had. Japanuary exceeded any expectations I had, and the SASS crew made it all possible. Trip of a lifetime! -- Alex Hagan

I've never skied snow that deep... and that's saying something. -- Andy George

Crazy good welcome and send off parties with 100'' of new snow in 9 days. Chasing Pete and the crew in the most accessible backcountry on earth. Whatever you've heard about Japan, it’s an understatement. -- Daryl kent

Our Guides had skied every inch of that backcountry and knew exactly where to find the goods. insane lines and fresh Japow run after run. -- EJ Coveney

The SASS staff and guides are organized, totally on point, and ridiculously fun to ride with. They know their terrain inside out, leading the way to always fresh, always sick spots. -- Jordan Kramer

The only problem is that you'll be planning to come back next year before your trip is even over. Best JaPow experience. Period. -- Jorge Fernandez

The only thing better than riding the deepest lines of your life every day is riding them with the SASS crew. -- Rob Thompson

The best crew, best snow and best location leads to the best adventure! - Greg Swaboda

Speak to anyone who has experienced SASS Japan and the huge smile that breaks uncontrollably across their face tells you everything. It’s deep. Really deep. Wonderfully crazy, seriously deep. - Rob Lynam

Every single day was the greatest ski experience of my life... until the next day. My face still hurts from the perma-smile. If given the choice between SASS Japan and super powers, I'd just make a cape out of my blankie and pack my ski bag. - Paddy O'Connell