ZEAL Week 2017 is a collaboration with our partner ZEAL Optics that brings their brand of #ExploreMore to SASS Argentina for a week of snowboarding with ZEAL athletes Andrew Burns, DCP and Mauri Cambillia, ZEAL-centric giveaways and contests, product demos and a damn good time. All this in August in the Patagonian Andes of Argentina with the SASS crew and the SASS Argentina experience of backcountry progression, cultural exploration, and insane big mountain terrain. JOIN US and our friends from ZEAL Optics for the third year of ZEAL Week at SASS Argentina.

WHO: LEGENDS – SASS Guide / Zeal Athlete Andrew Burns with Guest Coach / ZEAL Athlete David “DCP” Porcheron and SASS Guide / ZEAL Athlete Mauri Cambillia, you and a crew of new friends

WHAT: A week of shredding in Argentina with three legends, ZEAL-centric giveaways, and more fun than you thought possible

WHERE: SASS Argentina 2017, Catedral, Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina

WHEN: SESSION 4 (August 19th – 26th)

WHY: #ExploreMore

(L) Andrew Burns – SASS Guide, ZEAL Athlete / (R) David “DCP” Porcheron, Guest Coach, ZEAL Athlete

We could not be more excited for the third year of ZEAL Week. Building on the success of the previous two years, we are blowing it up even bigger this year. We have ZEAL Athlete and snowboarding legend DCP joining long-time SASS Guide, head freestyle coach and ZEAL Athlete Andrew Burns and SASS Guide, local legend and ZEAL Athlete Mauri Cambillia to lead you through an unreal week of shredding, exploring and a ton of additional activities.

ANDREW BURNS in Argentina
Guide / ZEAL athlete Andrew Burns showing his crew how it’s done in Argentina.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Want to JOIN US? Follow the steps below…

STEP 1: Inquire about ZEAL Week at SASS Argentina and automatically be entered to win some insane prizes to make your trip with us even better.

*All who inquire are entered. Registering for SASS Argentina is not required for entry, but be ready for the FOMO.




Prizes include a pair of ZEAL Optics Sunglasses, a DMOS Stealth Shovel, a SASS Argentina Phunkshun Neck Tube and a SASS Global Travel lens cloth.

STEP 2: Talk to the SASS Sales team to get an even better idea of what this is all about. We know this is a big trip and are here to take the headache out of the process and answer any questions or concerns you might have. (Feel free to skip directly to STEP 3)

STEP 3: Register for SASS Argentina Session 4 (August 19th – 26th). All who register for ZEAL Week 2017 get a pair of ZEAL Goggles and $300 off their trip.




STEP 4: JOIN US for ZEAL Week 2017 at SASS Argentina. Your trip will include all that SASS Argentina is famous for as well as these insane ZEAL Week bonuses…

  • Meet and greet with DCP, Burns and Mauri – Discuss your goals for the week, get to know the crew and prepare to learn from these three legends.
  • Dinner out with the DCP and Burns – Hit the town, drink wine, eat steak and talk snowboarding. get the inside track on being a top-level pro traveling the world pursuing that feeling that brings us all together.
  • Demo ZEAL’s newest goggles in the Andes, in Argentina, in August.
  • Beacons & Beers – This event bridges the gap between education and fun. Shotgun a beer and locate two buried beacons with a positive probe strike. Fastest time wins.
  • Beer Pong Tournament – Compete against your fellow ZEAL Weekers with goggles on. Lose and you give the goggle back, win and you keep them.
  • Splitboard Derby – This is an on-hill event. Split up, transition quickly, shred the slalom course down. Fastest time wins.
  • Instagram Contest – Post your photos throughout the week featuring ZEAL product with the insane backdrop of the Andes, use hashtags #ExploreMore, #SASSargentina and #ZEALweek. Best photo wins.
  • ZEAL Week Olympics – Overall winner of combined events above win an insane prize pack courtesy of Burns and DCP.

STEP 5: Make your friends insanely jealous back home with stories of ZEAL Week 2017 at SASS Argentina.




DCP knows how it’s done. pc: ZEAL Optics


Local Legend Mauri Cambillia surveying his homeland. pc: Ben Girardi

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