Interested in learning to splitboard? Look no further. We have teamed up with Jones Snowboards and Spark R&D Bindings to offer the Jones Splitboard Clinic for the past 3 seasons at SASS Argentina. We have more and more clients each year looking to learn to splitboard and pride ourselves in providing the perfect platform. With a full fleet of Jones Splitboards for demo complete with Spark R&D Bindings, we give you the chance to try out splitboarding for the first time on the best equipment available. Learn from our crew of experienced guides that know all of the tricks and tips that will either teach you how to splitboard or take your uphill game to the next level.




The Jones Split Clinic at SASS Argentina with Spark R&D is the best way to learn to splitboard. Take advantage of our demo fleet and access some lines you may never have thought were possible. Learning to splitboard is one of the first steps to accessing the backcountry and taking your snowboard skills to the next level. Couple a splitboard clinic with an avalanche awareness course and you are on your way to becoming the backcountry badass you have always wanted to be.


Client Sky Matula with a tech line on his Jones Solution Splitboard. pc: Ben Girardi

Splitboarding is not just simply walking uphill on skis. There is a bit more to it than that. A few simple pointers to start out will help set a foundation that minimizes the uphill struggle. Learning from those who know these skills and know how to explain them will make sure you are efficient with every step and still have plenty in the tank for the way down. Our guides will show you how it’s done and give you the skills necessary for success. A rhythmic efficient step, understanding how the skin is supposed to interact with the snow, and the fundamentals of a quality kick turn are all important concepts and we are here to help you put the pieces together.


Not a bad spot to learn how to splitboard. pc: Ben Girardi

We strongly stand behind the equipment we offer for demo for our split clinics. With the support of Jones Snowboards and Spark R&D Bindings, we are able to put our clients on the right equipment starting day one. Investing in a split-setup is a big commitment and many start out on hand-me-down boards and poorly cut skins that will frustrate you right out of the gate. Access to this level of quality equipment is rare and will help to make it that much more enjoyable. Enjoying yourself the first time out will be a huge step in becoming a splitboarder for years to come.


Stoked crew after a tour to the top of the Tage Chutes that look down over our lodge. pc: Ben Girardi

Although splitboarding at SASS Argentina is not necessary to access a lot of our terrain, it does give you the ability to get to some lines that otherwise would not be reachable. We are all about progression and giving our clients the platform to take their skills to the next level. If you have been riding resorts for years with an eye on the surrounding ridgelines, taking a splitboard out fir the first time is a great step towards making those dreams reality.


Client Adam Redling enjoying the fruits of his uphill labor. pc: Ben Girardi

If you have been splitboarding for some time, but still are looking to get better, we are here with small pointers every step of the way. Efficient transitions from split-mode to shred-mode can be as important as the skills on the way up. We will help you create a routine that minimizes your time struggling with the equipment and maximizes your time enjoying the view and the way down.


Clients Nick Schmidt and Adam Redling above the clouds in transition. pc: Ben Girardi

Join us for the Jones Split Clinics at SASS Argentina with Spark R&D and you will leave with the skills necessary to access the goods for years to come.

Check out the video below to learn a bit more about our clinics and how they work…